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Discussion in '8-Player Booster Draft' started by Aoret, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Aoret Developer

    If somebody wants to make this into an actual poll have a blast. If you don't already know wtf this thread is about, bide your time and I'll announce more when we're ready :) (I guess consider this the soft-announce...)

    Stuff PG (pretty badly) needs:
    1. Improved User eXperience - stuff like highlighting which player's turn it is instead of showing a crappy alert if you try to pick when it isn't your turn
    2. Better invite flow - possibly fully in-site vs "send your friend this URL and if they've pre-registered it'll work..."
    3. Mobile User Interface - so you can make picks on the go
    4. Cube import - so I don't just have to hard-code to the riptidelab list
    5. Support for 8mans instead of just grids
    6. Custom namespace for draft URLs - this lets me get around name uniqueness conflicts with others (/aoret/firstRiptideDraft instead of /firstRiptideDraft)
    7. Prettier User Interface for full browser (as opposed to mobile) - everything is bare bones right now and I've spent 0 time making it look sexy
    8. Integrated cloudshift
    Which of these things is most important to you to have soonest? With the understanding that some of them are really hard and will take me weeks to months (I'm looking at you, mobile and 8man...)
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  2. I think integrated cloudshift is the killer app.
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  3. Jason Waddell Administrator

    I would care about cloudshift integration and 8-player the most.
  4. Aoret Developer

    Getting the cloudshift integration will be pretty quick. After that I think you guys should use the site a bit and make real sure you can live with the existing crappy UI/UX long term before we start me down the path of 8p. It's easy to think you're okay w/ current invite flow without ever having done it.

    Also keep in mind how much a mobile UI buys us. All of these drafts persist and do not need to be played out live. Certainly we can take turns using PCs but to me it's really cool to be able to make picks async from a phone.

    That said, I guess async gameplay is a bigger boon for 8p than 2p so really we probably just want one of them and then the next. I'm happy to prioritize however the community prefers, just want your guys to be able to make informed choices
  5. Kirblinx Developer

    I'd be happy enough to use it for grids. For that purpose my priorities would be:

    • List Import. Being able to draft Chris's grids would be main wish.
    • Cloudshift integration. Then we can easily play it in MTGO as well.
    Once those are done, then improved user experience and stuff will come after, after I figure out what else I feel it needs :p

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