The $5 Fair 'Nuff Cube - Budget cube focused on combat and value synergies
Mini Midrange Artifact Cube - Fast, aggressive, midrange mirror artifact cube for small groups
Pushstart - Jumpstart cube featuring pushed, iconic, simple cards
The Redact the Draft Chaff Cube - Rules doc for my extremely dumb "scribble out the words on bad cards with a sharpie" cube


  1. 3

    Jayemdae Tome

    You made 100 posts! If you pay 4 mana you can draw a card.
  2. 2

    Jalum Tome

    50 posts! That's almost as many as there are weeks in a year!
  3. 1

    Mazemind Tome

    Made 20 Posts! You're almost a household name!
  4. 1

    Crowd Pleaser

    Somebody liked a post of yours!
  5. 1

    My First Tome

    You made your first post!