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    The MDFC

    The other candidates are Pashalik Mons Legion Warboss Mons is neat, but I don't think I have the required gobbo density to make him work. Warboss is just too strong for what I'm trying to do. But hey, you could be the one to make a cube out of Goblins Looking Left!
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    General Fight Club

    Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to hear. That's the problem, I wish that these two could somehow split their power difference. I think the answer is that neither is going to hang with the rest of my cube from a power level standpoint.
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    General Fight Club

    Gut, True-Soul Zealot Toggo Toggo is definitely more whimsical in my book, but I've always had doubts about his power level because no one else will ever play him. Getting a free Breath of Fire on every land feels like it's great when you're ahead or at parity, but incredibly mediocre when...
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    The MDFC

    Getting in Shape for Summer I'm hosting a draft in August, so with vacations and deadlines ahead of me, I've decided to clean up some rough edges before the first paper draft of the MDFC. FAR-OFF LANDS The worst part of cube is making cuts, and there's no reason to have 15 spells in each...
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    General Monthly Fun Q: What land would you least want to live in?

    It's a little complicated, but Train is making a joke about how he doesn't want to live in the southern United States. "Dixieland" is a term originating around the American Civil War used by the Confederste South to refer to a mythologized version of themselves. The words following are a parody...
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    General Onderzeeboot, I have a question for you.

    mirror-sigil sergeant Mirror-sigil sergeant
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    Sets [2XM] Double Masters Spoilers

    The rest of the pod when you get hit by that Assassin's Trophy Agreed on the alt art absolutely killing it.
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    General (SNC) Streets of New Capenna Testing/Includes Thread

    Re: Obscura Ascendancy, I think the main use is making the tokens, not the graveyard payoff. If I can make two tokens it's fine on rate IMO even with the colors, and three 2/2 fliers is really good. The buff then represents a win con if the game goes really late; you don't work towards it, it...
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    "Fast" multiplayer cube

    I'm in the same camp as @inscho here, wow. That is so much better. Thanks for showing off these decks! #readingthecardexplainsthecard
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    General Fight Club

    Oketra's Monument Kor Skyfisher My cube can't handle the combo, but I like both. Is Monument more cute than good? I know that Skyfisher tends to get the nod.
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    General CBS

    If Pauper weren't a constructed format, I'd agree with you, Jason. However, because it exists, I view Pauper cubes as an extension of that, similar to how you can have a Modern cube or a Vintage cube that tries to recreate aspects of a specific constructed format in a draftable manner. Peasant...
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    Brirro's Variant Cube

    You don't even need to have a fresh Greater Gargamel to make the Redcaps go off! Just hold priority and you can make it work even if it only has a single counter. Greater Gargadon is a crazy card.
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    Brirro's Variant Cube

    To clarify, your choices weren't bad! WR control is a ton of fun, it's just not helpful when you want WR to be aggro. Sorry, I was unclear--I'm not advocating for 45ish gold cards specifically, but I am a fan of not worrying too much about Orzhov having 3 and Simic having 4 cards, for example...
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    General Weekly Fun Q: How is Onderzeeboot doing?

    Fun weekly Q. Not quite as fun weekly A. Sorry to hear that! Hope it resolves itself and quickly.
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    General Onderzeeboot, how are you doing?

    Well They were illiterate...up until that point. Props to them.