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  1. astraedm

    sam's 450: the second coming

    hello all, i'm back after a big irl magic hiatus!! i'm back to updating my cube semi-regularly now and i've been lurking the whole time i've been gone. here's the list i'm working with at the moment, and i'd love to hear some feedback and suggestions on what i'm trying to get going here...
  2. astraedm

    Astra's New Thead (450 Unpowered Updates)

    Sup all, going to start this thread as a place to write tournament reports, updates, and kind of gather my thoughts about my environment. I've been happy overall with the games my cube is generating, but something I've noticed is that a lot of games go very long. This might be a product of...
  3. astraedm

    Astra's 450 unpowered cube!

    Cube List: Hello all! Longtime lurker here, and I've finally got the free time to post a cube thread for my personal project! I've been looking at ideas from a ton of different people on here and it's really made me excited to work on my own, so I'm...