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  1. Zoss

    The MDFC

    For all you sickos who just can't wait: The Cube This is my fourth (?) iteration of my primary cube, and the second one I'm happy with. The first one I enjoyed is written up in No Free Lunches, and while I liked it a lot, the fact that you could get a pack like the following is a testament to...
  2. Zoss

    General Untap-Based Ramp

    I love the idea of untap-based ramp, not in the least because it makes bouncelands a lot more viable. However, it's kind of crappy without dedicating an absurd amount of support for it. Has anyone made it work? My drafts have been based around the Lotus Field decks using the following cards and...
  3. Zoss

    General (NEO) Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Leaks

    These leaks just came out, and they're pretty spicy if they're true. Putting then under spoiler tags for those who want to wait for the real preview. I'm not part of the Discord in which they were leaked, so can't really vouch for their authenticity. Cards Thoughts:
  4. Zoss

    General Personal Cube Staples, AKA Chicken Soup for the Cube Curator's Soul

    I know I've been teasing a cube update for a month or so, not that I'm egocentric enough to think that anyone is waiting with bated breath for me to post it, but the process of reviewing my cube sketches has helped me realize that I have a couple fistfuls of cards that I always like to build...
  5. Zoss

    General Auras--What works? What's worth it?

    I like creatures. You probably like creatures. Creatures are an integral part of Magic. Creatures are an integral part of Cube. The same can be said of lands, instants, sorceries, enchantments, artifacts, and, by now, planeswalkers. But there's one common type of spell that barely shows up in...
  6. Zoss

    General Hold up there, "partner."

    This thread was inspired by someone over on the subreddit, so props to them. (Original thread: I would never play any cards with the "Partner With" ability in my cube, let alone "Partner."...
  7. Zoss

    General Alternative Win Conditions

    I think I've shared my cubing origin story in parts before, but never from the start and never in a single place. It all started in the far-flung mists of March 2018 with the release of a set called "Masters 25." Like many others, I was drawn back in to Magic by the promise of seeing old friends...
  8. Zoss

    Chaos Draft Seat B - Zoss - Troll Time

  9. Zoss

    Triangle Seat D: Zoss

  10. Zoss

    General Distanced Drafting--Online Cube League

    2020! What a year! It stinks, and not the least because we haven't been able to cube. Let's change that by cubing together separately. I propose to draft someone's cube on the first Sunday of every month, probably around noon EST. Interested? If so, please sign up by posting here! This is NOT...
  11. Zoss

    No Free Lunches, A Cube

    Long time lurker, first-time poster, blah blah blah blah. You all make some rich, dense cubes, and as quarantine drags on I tinker with my cube more and more, hoping that by the time my playgroup meets again mine will stand up well. So! A first draft...