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  1. Dom Harvey

    [Eldrazi DOMain] Seat A - Dom

  2. Dom Harvey

    April Fools Seat B - Dommmmmmmm

  3. Dom Harvey

    Chaos Draft Seat H - Dom - Mindmoiling

    Drafted cards:
  4. Dom Harvey

    Jason's Cube Seat E - Dom - Only One Jame

    Opening pack: Drafted cards:
  5. Dom Harvey

    Triangle Seat F: Dom Harvey

    Drafted Cards:
  6. Dom Harvey

    General Guaranteed Power - a real 'Vintage' Cube

    Let's say every player gets the five original Moxen in their pool when building their deck. What cards (outside of the obvious 'artifacts matter' stuff) would you want to run in the Cube with that in mind? What ripple effects would you expect this to have?
  7. Dom Harvey

    General Alternative Posting Systems

    MTGSalvation Thousands of monkeys on identical power-max typewriters Slowly converging on the perfect Platonic form of 'the Cube' ([360], [Powered]) Site has a bad reputation but the Cube subforum is more mature r/mtgcube Most respected members probably kinky Nazis Largely unstructured...
  8. Dom Harvey

    General Prison in Cube

    Lots of you are prison abolitionists but some us want to watch the hope drain away as the villain's few outs end up in any zone but their hand, somehow. Ensnaring Bridge The basic problem with prison cards is they tend to be heavily polarized: either they do nothing and it's not fun, or they...
  9. Dom Harvey

    General Gold aggro and rethinking colour roles

    We've had a lot of debates recently about how much fixing to run and what it should look like, as well as the problems with certain colour pairs. A long time ago we complained about the Gravecrawler-Griselbrand problem - most Cube designers assign the same number of cards to each colour as if...
  10. Dom Harvey

    My Marvellous/Mediocre Magic Thread

    Using this for when I feel like documenting my thoughts on random decks/formats/tournaments, which is fairly often. Let's start with a report from GP Lille: Despite the format's fundamental flaws I was excited to play a Modern GP for the first time. I was treating it as a holiday; my...
  11. Dom Harvey

    Sets Conspiracy 2 Spoilers Thread

    new spoiler! PogChamp sweet design and probably pretty good
  12. Dom Harvey

    Dom's Stream of Consciousness

    We Need to Talk About Cubing Aggro-Control: UW Flash Vendilion CliqueOjutai's CommandRestoration Angel Everything said above applies to UW Flash, but you also have actual countermagic to vex the Villain even further. UW can shift gears very quickly and often has to do so...
  13. Dom Harvey

    General Single Archetype Spotlight Thread

    Ok so, rather than make a separate thread for every ill-conceived flight of fancy we feel like inflicting on our Cubes, I decided to start a containment thread for them. Discussions will naturally be less frequent but more detailed than the Card Spotlight, but hopefully they can serve their...
  14. Dom Harvey

    General Making control decks more interesting

    I'm sure we've had a similar thread before but it's still an issue so I figured I'd make a new one. My problem is twofold: - It's hard to build control decks when most of your card choices have synergy rather than raw power in mind. Control needs the generically good cards - the glue that...
  15. Dom Harvey

    Card/Deck Eldrazi Spawns/Scions

    So I believe Jason made a similar thread when first discussing the Eldrazi Domain Cube, but the idea of building around mini-drazi is appealing on a number of levels. - An on-tap morbid trigger can be very useful, both for actual morbid cards (Tragic Slip/Malicious Affliction, Brimstone...
  16. Dom Harvey

    General going deep

    What narrow but awesome things can we include as payoffs for people willing to take the risk and put the work in? Bonus points if they don't take up many slots, if they aren't oppressive, and if they function somewhat normally in most circumstances (but have a very high ceiling)
  17. Dom Harvey

    General Ramp as a healthy part of a format

    Playing extra lands is maybe my favourite thing to do in Magic, and now that I've fallen in love with the Amulet deck I want it in my Cube for sentimental reasons if nothing else. My issue with ramp is that it severely punishes durdly midrange decks that aim to grind out marginal value. Now you...
  18. Dom Harvey

    Sets The Best of Magic Origins

    FSR didn't start a thread yet, so here goes. There are lots of deep and fun cards in the set, and some good candidates for a thread like this. The answer for me is: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy When the set was spoiled, I saw Jace as a glorified Merfolk Looter. I've played Merfolk Looter before...
  19. Dom Harvey

    The TV Thread

    Talk about TV here do it
  20. Dom Harvey

    General 5colour/Domain

    Any thoughts on how to support a coherent 5c theme? Usually when a 5c deck works it's because someone scooped up all the fixing early and then just took the best card in every pack, which works less often than you'd think. Is it possible to have a distinct '5 colour deck', and do you have to...