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  1. Dom Harvey

    The Dandy Cube (Chris Taylor's Cube)

    The Shapecaller combos sound pretty cool to me and a goal worth chasing - if someone gets to pair a transformed Fable with it, more power to them IMO. There's enough removal in the format to keep that in check and it's not a Twin-style infinite combo that officially ends the game on the spot if...
  2. Dom Harvey

    Riptide's Most Liked Posts of 2018

    It's pretty embarrassing that it's been over three years and I'm still the most liked post of 2018. Step up your games!
  3. Dom Harvey

    Dom's Stream of Consciousness

    They printed lots of Magic cards this year and there's more to come! KAMIGAWA: NEON DYNASTY STREETS OF NEW CAPENNA
  4. Dom Harvey

    My Marvellous/Mediocre Magic Thread

    I went 9-6 in that Set Championship - good for $3000! - and got to prepare with some of the best in the game. Before the next one they announced the overhaul and reintroduction of the paper Pro Tour - to seed the initial round, the same record of 9-6 at this one would get you an invite to the...
  5. Dom Harvey

    General CBS

    You can't figure out the link between the string 'from your graveyard' and the mechanics you listed? You really have to stretch to think Chris is saying every one of those >1000 cards meets your technical requirements.
  6. Dom Harvey

    General Free spells

    Dodging the question a bit but free spells often make good synergy pieces - Solitude is a top tier pick in my Cube not just as a removal spell but as the perfect pairing for blink, reanimation, sac, Vengevine/Clarion Spirit etc I think hard rules about the shields being down go a long way for...
  7. Dom Harvey

    Dom's Stream of Consciousness

    Dropped onto Page 2 deservedly after a long hiatus from posting but circumstances forced me out of retirement! Some members of Chris' playgroup wanted to Cube but we didn't have one to hand so I volunteered and scrambled to reassemble my paper Cube that had been split in half in service of...
  8. Dom Harvey

    General Edict Effects in Cube

    I really think you need to reassess recent sets. Kaldheim is a very strong set - even if you discount the Valki/Cascade interaction spawning the best Modern deck of all time or the Tibalt's Trickery nonsense that got banned in several formats, it was the set that defined Standard recently...
  9. Dom Harvey

    General Phoenix Tribal

    Welcome back! I simply must see pictures of this cat
  10. Dom Harvey

    General Edict Effects in Cube

    Which of these 'looks like' a Magic card? There's the strict literalist sense in which any Magic card necessarily looks like a Magic card - but if every card in the next set suddenly looked like an Invention/Invocation (or the Secret Lair concert poster cards etc) it would mark a definite...
  11. Dom Harvey

    General (SNC) Streets of New Capenna Previews

    Charms also hit different when so many of the best cards have modality of some kind built into them these days. It's not the unique selling point they could boast in Shards block >13 years ago
  12. Dom Harvey

    My Marvellous/Mediocre Magic Thread

    I've been on a bit of a break from Cube preparing for that Set Championship - decks are locked and I get to battle on Friday! If that doesn't go well, I'll have another shot at it!
  13. Dom Harvey

    Erik's "The cool side of Magic" cube

    For the record Arcanist doesn't work with Exalted the way we all want - the spell in your graveyard has to be a valid target when DHA's ability goes on the stack before its power is boosted by Exalted
  14. Dom Harvey

    Nanonox's 1vs1 cube

    Did a bunch of drafts and had a lot of fun, looks like it's off to a great start!
  15. Dom Harvey

    Sets (NEO) Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Previews

    I was aimlessly mulling over an artifact Cube before this spoiler season. A few days ago, I was thinking I should just pause it until the whole set is spoiled because this is the artifact set I expected The Brothers' War to be. Now I'm wondering if I can properly support an artifact theme again...
  16. Dom Harvey

    Erik's "The cool side of Magic" cube

    I've really soured on Crucible. Being colourless gives it this allure of being playable anywhere but in practice even decks that should want it rarely do. In theory it goes in your Stax or Wildfire deck but if it only really pairs with those cards you now have a mostly dead draw that only works...
  17. Dom Harvey

    Dom's Stream of Consciousness

    ALCHEMY (Innistrad)?! The Alchemy announcement is a crucial milestone in Magic development but isn't really relevant or accessible to paper Cube owners (beyond its indirect implications for how cards are designed generally) and the first batch of cards is a mixed bag for people willing to put...
  18. Dom Harvey

    Dom's Stream of Consciousness

    Got to contribute to Lucky Paper Radio's end of year review for Cube, check it