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  1. Velrun

    General Top 100 Best Threads on Riptidelab

    1. Games End. Memories Are Forever. If you want to read fun stories about Magic experiences some of our users have had over the years. 2. RiptideLab's Most Reacted Posts...
  2. Velrun

    General New Format: Gladiator

    Wizards has announced a new format. Or should I say renamed an old format. Gladiator It's an exact duplicate format of Highlander. Here is the announcement article: Here are the deck...
  3. Velrun

    General State of Design 2022

    Wizards just release their annual State of Design. This time it had a look back on the following sets Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Innistrad: Crimson Vow Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Streets of New Capenna Commander...
  4. Velrun

    General Monthly Fun Q: What's your favorite thing or topic on Riptidelab?

    - Are you a fan of the low-power thread? - Do you mostly enjoy when there's spoiler season and we discuss the new cards? Or when Train published his Includes and Testing thread? - Or do you prefer showing off your new custom card designs and comment on other designs? - Maybe your thing is when...
  5. Velrun

    General Dominaria United Stream July 21'st

    Dominaria United stream coming up on July 21'st at 2:30 PM (I believe we're talking Seattle timezone) So that's 5:30 PM on the East coast 10:30 PM in United Kingdom 11:30 PM in Europe If we have any Asian or Australian Riptiders, let me know for future threads like this one :)
  6. Velrun

    General Guess the Card

    This low-powered white removal spell that has never seen play in any constructed format has four different printings. All four with different/new art and they are split between classic border, modern border and post m15 border. The name is cute and has two words, the effect is mediocre and has...
  7. Velrun

    General Monthly Fun Q: What land would you least want to live in?

    The very first Weekly fun Q was the following For this Monthly we’re going with the exact opposite What’s your least favorite place to live? Anything goes. Which place would make your waking hours a living nightmare and your nightmares terrifying? Please upload a picture of the Magic card...
  8. Velrun

    General Ondezeeboot, You pull the curtains and open the window for some fresh air

    BAM!! You've been hit by a cannon ball and fall to the floor. As you open your eyes again after stumbling on the carpet you see your bedroom ruined. Books all over the floor, your bed in shambles. Dust everywhere. You feel dizzy. You cough a few times as you, in your confusion, pick up...
  9. Velrun

    General Monthly Fun Q: What is your favorite hobby besides Magic?

    Do you have a hobby besides playing and collecting Magic? What is it? You may mention several hobbies if you'd like. You can also just name your favorite. And why is that hobby so great? :) Personally I enjoy watching Twitch content from Day[9]tv and ItMeJP. I also play board games with...
  10. Velrun

    General Live right now: Baldur's Gate spoiler stream

    Live on Youtube: Live on Twitch: It's the same stream
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    Introduction to Ascension Link to the starter set in the cube: How the tournament works: A normal draft for 8 players using the list above Game 1 Each player gains new cards to add to their existing card pool. The new cards are higher power...
  12. Velrun

    General Alter card trade gone wrong. What do I do?

    An alter artist made a deal with me. I would pay for an alter and she would paint it with all the details I requested. I was to pay for all shipping, taxes and vat costs. I was told to wait for some time. I waited four months. I was told to pay. I paid. After some weeks, I was told the trade...
  13. Velrun

    General Weekly Fun Q: What is your most expensive card?

    What is the most expensive Magic card in your collection? How about in your cube(s)? Mine —————- Past Fun Q —————- (9) Most Undervalued Card (8) Favorite Standard Meta...
  14. Velrun

    General Weekly Fun Q: What is your most undervalued card?

    What is your most undervalued card? (Undervalued by others, but you know its true power) —————- Past Fun Q —————- (8) Favorite Standard Meta (7) Creature Power Creep...
  15. Velrun

    General Weekly Fun Q: Which was your favorite Standard meta?

    Which was your favorite Standard meta? I am talking about which sets were legal when you thought Standard was best. You can also answer with a deck name/list. My favorite Standard was Lorwyn -> Alara Reborn So that's Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide, Shards of Alara, Conflux, Alara...
  16. Velrun

    General Weekly Fun Q: Creature Power Creep

    This is going to be a bit different than the others. This is a mini game! Your challenge is to submit the least powerful creature card you can think of that can beat the creature posted before it. I'll start with the least powerful creature I can think of. Show the worst creature that can...
  17. Velrun

    General Weekly Fun Q: Which card most resembles your worst nightmare?

    Which card most resembles your worst nightmare? Totally Lost —————- Past Fun Q —————- (5) Worst card to lose to and best to win with: (4) 2021 art...
  18. Velrun

    General Weekly Fun Q: Worst card to lose to & best to win with?

    Spoiler season is not upon us so therefore it is time for another Weekly Fun Q. What’s the worst card to lose to in a game of Magic? And what’s the best card to win with? Banefire For me the worst card to lose to is a topdecked Banefire because it feels like I couldn’t prevent the loss from...
  19. Velrun

    General Please help me find the best art

    Please help me find the best art for the following three events in Magic lore history: Rise of the Eldrazi Mirrodin Besieged War of the Spark It can be the actual card that represents the event like Mirrodin Besieged, an official Magic card art, a promo art, a cover art for a supplement...