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  1. Sterling

    General Gencon 2013

    Just over a month before the best 4 days in gaming. This will be my 5th year and most likely my last one for a little while. So who all is going? I'll be going with a group that doesnt play magic at all. So Id like to get a chance to meet some of you and play some cube. Ill be bringing my Modern...
  2. Sterling

    General Altered Cards/Playmats

    I just recently got my first playmat to sketch and wanted a place to show it off. I thought about just posting in my thread but I think itd be nice to just have a place to post any altered cards/playmats or just anything new for your cube. Ive had this play mat for about a month now...
  3. Sterling

    [360][Modern] - Stubob's Cube

    Nice forum you guys got going on so far. I was looking for another place to discuss cube when I stumbled upon here. Im currently pretty swamped with work and summer stuff but I wanted to get my list up here quick. Ill post more details when I actual have the time but for now heres a link to the...