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  1. Rasmus Källqvist

    General [ZNR] Zendikar Rising Spoilers

    Spoiler season for Zendikar Rising hasn't begun yet buy we got this sneak peak. Happy too see that we'll get some decent creature lands in this set, at the very least one.
  2. Rasmus Källqvist

    Rasmus Super Retail Draft Cube

    Super Retail Draft Like a draft at the FNM, but super charged! Summary: I'm building a cube inspired by fun stuff I've seen in retail drafts, but adapted to the cube format. The goal is to have lots of synergistic decks that can be drafted, where...
  3. Rasmus Källqvist

    Rasmus builds a medium power cube

    Rasmus Medium Power Cube I'm building a cube that I think I'm going to have fun with. The feeling should be of drafting during the summer where the core sets offered a really clean magic the gathering experience. Cube Goals: A fun cube that I can play with friends who only play magic...
  4. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Iconic limited curve toppers

    serra angel air elemental sengir vampire thundering giant craw wurm I've been kind of interested in the, as of writing this post, recent posts highlighting the differences between modern and older creature designs. My understanding of this is that, looking back into magics history...
  5. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Format defining crap removal

    volcanic hammer This is a card I know some people have talked about very favorably, and I tried it out in my 4-man grid cube and it did really well in giving auras and combat tricks more breathing room. So now I'm hungry for more excellent crappy removal that helps shape the format really...
  6. Rasmus Källqvist

    Sets [KLD] Kaladesh Spoilers Thread

    It begins! First spoiler's out, from the autumn set of 2016; "Kaladesh". Birthplace of Chandra Nalaar, and probably full of artifacts if we are to go by this spoiler and the kaladesh-flavored cards from Magic Origins. Fire magic is apparantly illegal according to the lore some guy posted on...
  7. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Low power removal that is fun to play

    So I didn't really know if there was a place to post these kinds of "groupings of cards" so I'm just making a new one. dead weight executioner's capsule fiery conclusion Geistblast angelic purge innocent blood molten vortex harvest pyre bonds of faith bone shredder I had these lying on...
  8. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Tiny black reanimator spells

    Victimize Unearth Profane Command Are there more cards like this? I'm kind of excited about cards that let you rebuy your early plays without getting stealed off completely by the go-big midrange reanimator decks. Gives more play to the kind of sac-aggro we bring up here from time to time.
  9. Rasmus Källqvist

    General Shadow over Innistrad - April 2016 Trailer

    So apparatly our new spring block is return to Innistrad. Do notice the similarities to the title of one of H.P lovecrafts short stories Shadows over Innsmouth. My hope is that the plot twist is that Emrakul is inside the moon.
  10. Rasmus Källqvist

    General Spells for decks for people who dont like creatures

    Eric posted this in CMLs cube thread and that got me thinking, I've pretty much neglected people who want to play other things than creature fests. What would those players actually draft? Obviously a couple of creatures will end up in their hands, but is there a way to get those players into a...
  11. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Hatebears

    imposing sovereign Thalia, guardian of thraben So, I'm a pretty big fan of disruptive two drops, but I've found it kind of difficult to find a good suite of them for cube. In constructed we have more cards like gaddok teeg and arbiter, but I'm not sure they translate to limited.
  12. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Giving Control that sweet loving

    So, in the sort of classic roshambo model the sequences goes aggro<-midrange<-control<-aggro (also combo is somewhere in there if you want I'm skipping it here). We pretty much all agree on the importance of a bunch of early pressure decks (aggro) for a healthy format and some of us are...
  13. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Nekrataals / 187 creatures

    So, I sat with a notepad doing some mental inventory and realised I wanted to have a list of what nekrataals there exists (that are worth running). We've had some of them mentioned pretty recently. I'm foremost looking for black ones but any color probably works, as long as it's not an oblivion...
  14. Rasmus Källqvist

    General Is too good fixing causing 3-color good stuff?

    So this is an issue that has been talked about here a little bit that showed up during the draft I ran today. We had a full 8 man playing my cube sporting the classic double fetch double dual (abu+shock for me). Every single deck was 3 colored except for the winning RDW deck. The issue of rdw...
  15. Rasmus Källqvist

    Card/Deck Green cards that support spell decks

    So I saw Quirion Dryad (arguably a poor card) and Managorger Hydra (arguably a pretty good card) and thought to myself, is there a subtle theme here? Green cards that can be splashed in any of the Jeskai-colored spell decks? Are there any good green cantrips that you'd wanna splash? Vines of...
  16. Rasmus Källqvist

    General It's time to put your cube on a diet

    Some discussion on here and me recently putting together one of those 2-player battle box-stacks got me thinking about creature sizes. I haven't had a chance to play the boxes yet (2 identical to enable scry) but I've been cautious to include any creatures with too big a butt. This, to try and...
  17. Rasmus Källqvist

    General Draft Subgames

    I was drafting my cube on cubetutor as well as some other people's cubes recently and found a stark contrast between my excitement in drafting my own stuff and getting to explore other people's cubes. Probably this has to do me knowing my own cube inside out, but it also got me thinking about...
  18. Rasmus Källqvist

    General Building cubes for newer players, Cubing minimalism

    So, I've had a cube for a little while now and I like to tinker with it and my players enjoy playing with. As word has gotten around, friends of the regular players have showed some interest in joining us, so that's what I'm pondering about right now. For a beginner to sit down and try to make...
  19. Rasmus Källqvist

    General What build arounds do you run?

    I'm pretty new to cube design, and although I've learnt plenty just by reading riptide articles and participating on these boards, I still notice that my themes don't always become apparent to my drafters. I'd like to learn how to give more directions to people playing the cube, so that you...
  20. Rasmus Källqvist

    Rasmus Riptide Cube (360 Unpowered)

    360 Cards Unpowered Doublets (Non Singleton) Low curve, Early interaction, Aggro friendly. CubeTutor: CubeTutor: Rasmus's Cube! Right now it's a pretty standard Riptide-esque fair. I've gotten some pretty positive...