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    General [CMR] Commander Legends Previews

    Me when the cards get spoiled ^ Me when the cards hit the shelves:
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    General Fight Club

    From best to worse: DTK, IKO, RIK, ROE
  3. Tzenmoroth

    General Current opinion on duplicates and other Riptidian/Waddellisms?

    Its weird to me how not color balanced the voucher is. I wonder what that does to how much each color is drafted, if anything.
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    General CBS

    As much as I enjoy paragraphs of toxic incel-grade man-dribble, its really not what I come here for. On an unrelated note, is it possible to block people on here?
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    General CBS

    We had squirrel tribal in unstable. We even got Squirrellink. Also, given the right opportunity I dont think anytying is off the table. Theres probably even weirder magic stuff down the road.
  6. Tzenmoroth

    General CBS

    Think I'm actually going to cut St Traft for Rarity. I think the "tempo" deck would love it. Its actually kind of perfect. Strong but easily answerable.
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    General CBS

    I think I already have all the toys I need to make Rarity work. I absolutely require this product.
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    General CBS

    manaburn has a visual spoiler, I wouldn't use it without a basic feature like that. :p It has every cubetutor feature that I used I think. I never uploaded card images because I don't really do custom cards or showing off bling? It does let me keep track of what I own / what's proxied. I also...
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    General CBS

    I think it was on their todo list last year? Idk, its not a feature I've ever used.
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    General CBS

    I already switched from cubetutor to awhile back. I've been pretty happy with it.
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    General Custom Cards: The Lab

    It works just like actual democracies.
  12. Tzenmoroth

    General Cube cards - Negative Surprises

    I tried running this and it showed up twice in packs but it just tabled because everyone who could take it couldn't wrap their heads around it. I learned the importance of readable cards that day.
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    General Build Arounds - new angles to your draft

    Obliterate I prefer the even more all in version of this effect that can't even be countered but costs even more mana.
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    General Other News

    I tried doing a morph theme before but I had to cut it all because a cube has to be reaaaaally built around that mechanic. The three drop slot really gets eaten up by morph creatures. At some point, I may make a morph cube. It needs to have no good answers to colorless vanilla 2/2s except at...
  15. Tzenmoroth

    Highball: Legacy of the Rails My hand slipped.
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    Card/Deck Single Card Spotlight

    It does in a Kamigawa cube. It needs a huge density of spirit/arcane spells, esp arcane instants.
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    General Name of archetype shape contained in a single color

    is "monocolor" too long? :p
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    Card/Deck Single Card Spotlight

    I'm a big fan of running the canopy cycle. I think they're more fair than fetches/duals. Having to always pay life to tap them for mana balances them a lot. I also really like it when lands have built in ways to help smooth draws and deal with mana flood, like these, the cycling lands, temples...
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    Card/Deck Single Card Spotlight

    I'm not a guy...
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    General Custom Cards: The Lab

    I have a totally random question. Does anyone know why WotC stopped, or at least didn't continue, printing split-guild cards like Naya Hushblade. I've just been thinking about how 2-3 mana gold cards are so narrow but a card that can be played in 2/10 guilds wouldn't be nearly as bad. Is it just...