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  1. Tzenmoroth

    General Unstable Spoiler Unthread

    Swords of Dungeons & Dragons got spoiled and I want to cube it so hard. If all of Unstable is like this, I might need to build an Unstable cube. Also, two other Hasbro cards. Nerf War is tempting but not sure if too good or too bad.
  2. Tzenmoroth

    General Yet Another AEther Cube

    Yet Another AEther Vortex So I've been thinking about designing a cube with the twist that players play with this beautiful piece of cardboard in effect as an emblem. This has been one of the most fun cards in my Type 4 cube and we've even played casual constructed and cube games with it, it...
  3. Tzenmoroth

    Tzenmoroth's Cube [540]

    The list: I have a ton of notes about all of the changes I have been making to this cube so I will be posting card changes or something probably.
  4. Tzenmoroth

    Card/Deck The Simic Combine

    Since I can't find any helpful discussion on the identity of simic decks and this is a problem my cube has, I figured I would start a thread to get some ideas. Every other guild in my cube has pretty solidified archetypes and has been drafted several times: RG big red, real estate, wildfire RW...