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  1. Meltyman

    Old Borders Power Cube

    I'm finally about to finish my cube! Cards and sleeves are on the mail so in a month i'll finally play with this pile. My list at the moment: At the moment i'm playing with some nutty cards like power 9 and Upheaval mainly because it attracts...
  2. Meltyman

    Sets Amonkhet (AKH) Spoilers

    Replenish, Auramancer *cough* Cantivore *cough*
  3. Meltyman

    Sets Modern Masters 2017 (MMA3?)

    Gruul War Chant and Teleport should do the trick when things get into a halt :)
  4. Meltyman

    Sets Modern Masters 2017 (MMA3?)

    First match was against R/G beats. i was manascrewed (3 lands for several turns and only 4 drops in hand) but i barely stabilzed with 2 life left. Second game he manascrewed and i stomped the game. Second match was against bant populate. Game 1 opponent got t4 Advent of the Wurm -> t5...
  5. Meltyman

    Sets Modern Masters 2017 (MMA3?)

    My first MMA3 draft. 3-0 (6-0) and opened Arid Mesa and Snapcaster Mage <3 My deck: Can't get much nuttier...
  6. Meltyman

    General Decks that have 3-0'd your cube

    Yay, got to squeeze in a cube yesterday and finally my newcomer card got used and boy was it powerful in this shell. Lifecrafter's Bestiary was insanely powerful. Saw it draw ~7 cards in a match. Sometimes more.
  7. Meltyman

    General Decks that have 3-0'd your cube

    Yay finally a cube night this year! Worldknit went with zero match or game losses. Here's the beauty: Aether Searcher was hooked to Ulamog. Brago was the real MVP of the deck. It always had something good to flicker. Was cute with Kaya.
  8. Meltyman

    General Custom Cards: The Lab

    up to 1 should be added
  9. Meltyman

    The TV Thread

    Yes, it blew me away. I like it how it changes the way i think about characters in a tv-show. All of the scenes where the robots interact seem less meaningless from their perspective in my mind and if they die it doesn't affect me emotionally at all like in other tv-shows. The reason i mentioned...
  10. Meltyman


    I own the Deluxe version with tiles, so that doesn't happen ! :)
  11. Meltyman


    Hanabi was the first and only thing that came in to my mind right away, but saying it's a drafting game would be a reach. Game is full of signaling, but the fun part of it is that you can't really give signals like voices or faces or extra words.
  12. Meltyman

    General Great Games of Magic (Videos)
  13. Meltyman

    Retro Combo Cube

    Phyrexian Processor is pretty busted still in my testing.... ....with or without tinker.
  14. Meltyman

    Card/Deck Super Ramp cards

    Fastbond. Dictate of Karametra over Heartbeat.
  15. Meltyman

    General Fight Club

    New emrakul for me. Easier to hard cast and it also serves well in reanimator. Old emrakul is a little too bullshitty, since it steals games and you can't do squat about it or does nothing because it costs too much. Too swingy for me.
  16. Meltyman

    General The Cube Contest Hah! In your face ! "I didn't see anything about it on the info page, but just to make sure, there is no requirement for submitted cubes to be singleton cubes, correct?" "Correct! In fact we put...
  17. Meltyman

    General The Cube Contest

    I haven't seen a player in here that rejects a cube session because my cube had duplicates. Some people will say that they don't do it in their cube, but that's it.
  18. Meltyman

    General The Cube Contest

    I will add my main cube almost 100% with the exception of conspiracies that probably doesn't work in MTGO and all of the un-cards. My plan is to have duplicates in there and if they like my cube, i don't think they won't pick it because of duplicates because they said the winners will be...
  19. Meltyman

    General The Cube Contest
  20. Meltyman

    General Cube Storage

    ah sorry, here's another