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  1. vennythekid

    Card/Deck Low Power Card Spotlight

    I think you need to care about artifacts, prowess, or graveyard (delirium, delve) for these to matter, or have decks of a size such that being a card thinner can matter (20 card mirco-cubes, for example). Otherwise these are just air, and worse, could signal to drafters that such things are...
  2. vennythekid

    Card/Deck [MCD] Let's talk about tricks, baby!

    In formats where attacking and blocking matter, this one has the right mix of stuff to be brutal Take Up the Shield
  3. vennythekid

    General Fight Club

    I'm building a deck for a Jumpstart style environment. It's around retail limited power level (DMU). This particular deck is aiming to build around these two cards: Garna, Bloodfist of Keld Warhost's Frenzy Which of these options do you like as a go-wide body maker and rare-level card...
  4. vennythekid

    vennythekid's [WAR] Cube

    Just putting this here for later Battlefly Swarm Vraska, Swarm's Eminence
  5. vennythekid

    vennythekid's [WAR] Cube

    Just drafted this on Arena and it was a lot of fun. Obviously this chock full of premium cards for the format which helps, but I the subtle lands-theme that this got to play while beating down was a delight. In particular The Weatherseed Treaty has a really fun play pattern and combines so...
  6. vennythekid

    Duplicate Sealed: The Pile

    This idea is awesome (and I can't not read a post that starts with that picture!)
  7. vennythekid

    General (DMU & DMC) Dominaria United Testing/Includes Thread

    I don't have a cube or cube group at the moment, just drafting the set on Arena, but this little core here is getting my wheels turning again Eerie Soultender Urborg Repossesion Writhing Necromass
  8. vennythekid

    General [ZNR] Zendikar Rising Spoilers

    I just want to add that party is brilliant draft mechanic for "how to do tribal the right way" in this set. Pretend green doesn't exist for a moment (because they get to play with lands this set). Each color gets a major tribe and a minor tribe, and the gold cards are payoffs for the tribal...
  9. vennythekid


    I'm looking for some advice on selling a part of my collection. Is the best route just CFB/SCG/CardKingdom buylisting? Anyone here have experience selling 300-500 medium value cards?
  10. vennythekid

    General Fight Club

    Absolute Law and Order Sphinx's Revelation Sphinx's Decree Rule of Law Lawmage's Binding Martial Law Judgement, execution of the law Summary Judgment Remand Cancel Depth of Knowledge, power Sphinx's Insight Sphinx's Tutelage Fact or Fiction Psychic Spiral Sphinxes being petty Sea...
  11. vennythekid

    General Casual Format: Kid Pleaser

    Booster Blitz is sort of interesting... it looks a bit like micro-sealed but with a much smaller card pool. The resource management aspect of a limited pool could add fascinating depth!
  12. vennythekid

    vennythekid's [WAR] Cube

    Thanks, I appreciate it! At the moment, the list is nowhere near draftable, I'm more musing about my limited ideas and experiences in the hopes of eventually synthesizing it into a cube. I do have a long weekend ahead of me so perhaps I'll finally get a rough draft done.
  13. vennythekid

    vennythekid's [WAR] Cube

    I hit Diamond in M21 this past season on Arena. I love this set, it's such a good bread-and-butter Magic experience. I'm starting to understand what I like about Magic, and the longer I play this game, the more I like Core sets. This iteration of the Core Set is a shift from War of the Spark, a...
  14. vennythekid

    Sets [IKO] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths

    Do we have a new meme
  15. vennythekid

    General New Format: Pioneer

    It looks like this is the most powerful core in Pioneer at the moment: Oko, Thief of Crowns Teferi, Time Raveler Oath of Nissa Although this is spicy Llanowar Elves Leyline of Abundance Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
  16. vennythekid

    Card/Deck land destruction

    I used to love this one too! They broke this card with the rules update to split cards, unfortunately. You can't cast Bust for the price of Boom on cascade, etc. anymore
  17. vennythekid

    General CBS

    Everyone should read this article; Sam Black's genius strikes yet again: It's another iteration of the Baron deck that Grillo created in his environment, but in retail Modern Horizons draft, using splice.
  18. vennythekid

    General Other News

    That's where I'm at right now. I've found it very difficult to give up meat entirely, especially since growing up meat was the centerpiece of so many of our family's dinner meals. But earlier this year I stopped buying beef (which is the worst of the group environmentally) at the grocery and...
  19. vennythekid

    General Fight Club

    What I like about Kasmina is they fabulously bridge the gap between early game and late game. You get to stem early aggression with 2/2s and looting sets up your hand to hit land drops or mitigate flood, and find key threats to enter the late game with an advantage. It's a play-pattern that...
  20. vennythekid

    General Fight Club

    That's a really fascinating quote from Rosewater! An interesting thought is how a card might be designed to reinforce or dissuade those play-pattern mistakes: Untamed Kavu Sauroform Hybrid