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  1. Kirblinx

    Kirblinx's MTGO Adventures + Sometimes Cube

    What is this place? Man, it's a little dusty in here. A whole year has been missed, but most of my pauper escapades have been captured on either twitter or youtube, so it is just too hard to post things everywhere. But I still like sealed and managed to do pretty well last weekend in the ONE...
  2. Kirblinx

    General CBS

    Yeah, these were in some early storm lists. They were also in the 'Fishelbrand' deck, as they acted like rituals to help cast the delve spells and power up Cabal Rituals they turn they were going to go off with Rush of Knowledge and Energy Tap/Burnt Offering.
  3. Kirblinx

    General CBS

    So lets see what the latest standard sets common lands have been and I'll tell you if they are useless or not. New Phyrexia The Fair Basilica These lands are fine in limited to help mitigate flood, I feel like they could make a splash in pauper, but I feel like the cycle lands are better just...
  4. Kirblinx

    General How much do you love Magic right now

    I'm part of the Waning Moon. Magic has also been a part of my life for way too long. It is also pretty much the only hobby I have, along with just other generic video games. My LGS is flailing due to not retaining players, and the GP circuit has destroyed any competitive in Australia. The...
  5. Kirblinx

    RiptideLab's Most Reacted Posts of 2022

    2022 was another year where the forum just hummed along. A lot more cards were introduced this year, more than any other, which made some people a little overwhelmed and less invested in the hobby than usual. This doesn't mean that discussion wasn't had and memes were never too far away. I...
  6. Kirblinx

    Inscho's Graveyard Combo Cube

    I knew about this since it was put on MTGO earlier this year. He has put a lot of effort into it and has a pile of videos on his youtube channel on cube drafts on MTGO including a decent amount on his own cube as well. I relate to his content well, as he is a fellow Australian and Pauper...
  7. Kirblinx

    General Defining & Optimizing Complexity

    Yeah, I might check out pauper it seems like a cool format.
  8. Kirblinx

    General Is my signature too lengthy?

    Your request is my demand. I don't like deleting threads, but I have locked this one as we got what we needed to out of this and now it can fade into obscurity.
  9. Kirblinx

    Sets [DMU] Dominaria United Spoilers

    They finally made a Coercion at 1B. They've been skirting around it for a while. Nice to know it exists now. Check for Traps is probably better, but this just looks much cleaner. EDIT: Coercion could hit lands though. Eh, it's close enough.
  10. Kirblinx

    General Top 100 Best Threads on Riptidelab

    Yeah, that is what I aimed to achieve with those threads every year. Try and make sure things don't get lost to the annals of time. Sure a lot of meme posts get in there, but the most thoughtful pieces of the year usually end up in the top 5 somewhere.
  11. Kirblinx

    Sets [DMU] Dominaria United Spoilers

    I feel attacked. Just let me play my Pokemon energy!
  12. Kirblinx

    Sets Battle for Baldur's Gate: Testing and includes

    Basilisk Gate This card is slowly becoming a pauper powerhouse. Being able to have a land help out as a win condition is pretty strong. Sure these play better in muliples, but I can see this being alright in a low-powered cube setting if you are able to get as many gates as you want from the...
  13. Kirblinx

    General [Custom Card Contest] A history worth repeating (ends June 21)

    It's all cool. I made something to commemorate the occasion. I think you'll love it :)
  14. Kirblinx

    General [Custom Card Contest] A history worth repeating (ends June 21)

    Look, my MS paint skills aren't up the standard of @LadyMapi so I had to convey what I wanted in my own way. My design brief was: Typical cop drama, 2 (Thraben) investigators get a case and catch the bad guy. The saga goes like this: Two detectives (Investigators) get assigned a case and go...
  15. Kirblinx

    General [Custom Card Contest] A history worth repeating (ends June 21)

    3 Card submissions in 24 hours. It's almost like this assignment was due at midnight tonight :rolleyes:
  16. Kirblinx

    General Weekly Fun Q: How is Onderzeeboot doing?

    My cat has something similar. Apparently she has a food allergy that aggravates her inner ear. Causes her to lose balance and have severe vertigo (it's really freaky watching her eyes just shuffle back and forth in a loop for ages). I've got her some non-allergenic food so she doesn't suffer...
  17. Kirblinx

    General [Custom Card Contest] A history worth repeating (ends June 21)

    I had inspiration strike me and I had to make this. Part meme, part good card. I think it makes for a good submission and a true love letter to a great card.
  18. Kirblinx

    General Stock Poster Biases: An Addendum to the Addendum to the Spotter's Guide

    I mean, my description is pretty accurate. The lack of Thraben Inspector disappoints me a bit, but the Kor Skyfisher makes up for it. :)
  19. Kirblinx

    General (SNC) Streets of New Capenna Previews

    Nah, I don't think this will see any play. Maybe in some sort of Burning-Tree Emissary deck, but 3 mana is so far away from 2 that the aggressive decks won't want it and it doesn't give any value so the midrange decks won't play it. I still think Sarulf's Packmate is a better 3/3, and it is...
  20. Kirblinx

    "Fast" multiplayer cube

    A UUU cost and the the words 'Proactive Deck' aren't two things I would think go together. I feel like Epiphany fits the role of Cryptic Command enough but will always be splashy unlike Cryptic that is just Dismiss 70% of the time.