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  1. Eric Chan

    Article Rethinking 'Rethinking Red'
  2. Eric Chan

    Article Deckbuilding and Play Patterns with Ancestral Vision
  3. Eric Chan

    Article Necrotic Brews: The Goryo’s Vengeance Variety Hour
  4. Eric Chan

    The Podcast Thread

    What podcasts do people listen to? I have a couple on rotation, but am looking to add some more. Not specifically asking about Magic podcasts - in fact, the more varied the better!
  5. Eric Chan

    The Wrestling Thread

    Anyone else follow pro wrestling? After roughly eleven years of not watching a match (the same length of time I took a break from Magic, incidentally), I started following a couple of promotions recently, and man is wrestling incredible right now.
  6. Eric Chan

    Article Dom's Pro Tour OGW Report
  7. Eric Chan


    This 'Cube Blog' subforum is a little bit different than what you might be used to at other cube websites, so please take a minute to get acquainted. The following aren't strict, hard-and-fast rules, but more suggestions on how to structure your posts and threads in order to get people to...
  8. Eric Chan

    Site News Cube Lists Subforum

    So while overall activity on this site is at about where the steady-state number of posts per day has always been, I've noticed that the Cube Lists forum has gotten progressively less and less attention from the regulars over the months. It was once a source of good discussion, especially for...
  9. Eric Chan

    Card/Deck Creature lands

    Now that the two-colour cycle of manlands creature lands is about to be completed, how many are people going to run? A) All ten; B) just the best ones; C) just the good ones but not the best ones; D) none? In looking at a number of people's lists recently, I was surprised to find that a lot of...
  10. Eric Chan

    Article Learning From Pauper—A Study in Aggression
  11. Eric Chan

    Sets Battle for Zendikar Spoilers

    kicking it off
  12. Eric Chan

    Article Learning From Pauper—The Aristocrats

    Grillo's second article:
  13. Eric Chan

    Card/Deck WWhite Knights

    Real quick - what are people running as their :w::w: creatures? Cubes only have room for a very small number of these restrictively costed bears, but lord knows there's tons of quality ones. I currently have Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit Grand Abolisher though the more I support tokens, the...
  14. Eric Chan

    Article Learning From Pauper – Rethinking Archetype Design

    Take a gander at Grillo's debut article:
  15. Eric Chan

    Modern Rotisserie Draft

    I'm not sure when Rotisserie caught on fire lately, but between the Modern roto draft that's making the rounds (the one Marshall Sutcliffe is participating in), Rob Dennis's recent cube roto, myself partaking in a Khans of Tarkir roto draft at work, and Jeff running a roto for his local...
  16. Eric Chan

    New Project Development

    Hey guys! I thought I'd create this forum for us to talk shop, rather than do it out on the public forums. James, Suicufnoc, you guys should be able to see this thread - please reply to let me know that you can. So you guys have expressed interest in working on two different projects, as far...
  17. Eric Chan

    Let's Welcome Our First Mod - James Stevenson

    This isn't the type of site that needs heavy moderation, but with both Jason and myself posting less frequently, we figured this was a good time to bring on our first moderator. The one, the only, James Stevenson. Don't mess with him. He's boss.
  18. Eric Chan

    Card/Deck Red Two Drops

    In reevaluating my red two drop section - which had been ignored and gone stale recently - I figured I should take thorough stock of everything red has to offer. To help me organize my thoughts, I roughly grouped all the relevant red creatures into three broad tiers, and ordered cards within the...
  19. Eric Chan

    Modern Archetype Cube

    A co-worker of mine has thought about creating his own cube that would essentially consist of his favourite limited archetypes from over the years. He hasn't actually gotten around to doing it, though, so I've started brainstorming ideas for a second cube of my own. Following Wizard's recent...
  20. Eric Chan

    General How Much Burn is Too Much Burn

    I got a comment last night that there was a disproportionately high amount of burn in my cube. I'd always been under the impression that I wasn't running enough burn, so that feeedback came as a surprise. I figure I'd put the question to you guys: How much burn do you run? This is where I'm...