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  1. Diakonov

    Riptide's Most Liked Posts of 2018

    Hey! It's been a while. In the last 3.5 years I've bought a house, had two children, and have been obsessed with many non-Magic board games. Before we bought the house, my most frequent cube-drafting group and I all lived in the same city, but having moved 15 minutes away is apparently enough...
  2. Diakonov


    The Dark Ages expansion for Dominion does a lot with trashing as a mechanic. It's one of the better expansions.
  3. Diakonov

    General Basic Lands

    I use mostly beta basics, but also the '96 Arena cycle, the APACs, the Euros, and one Arabian Nights Mountain. I have spent way too much money on basics.
  4. Diakonov

    Dour News

    This is completely fucking horrible. :( I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, but his personality on here was so real that I'd always hoped I would someday. He was one of my favorite members of this community. :(
  5. Diakonov

    General CBS

    That reminds me of a method I came up with to counter a spell. Player 1 casts an offending spell. Player 2 responds with Overmaster, Shahrazad. In the subgame, several turns transpire until Player 2 plays Ring of Ma'rûf on turn 5, Mindslaver on turn 6, then on turn 7 activate Mindslaver and...
  6. Diakonov

    My Board Game Prototype [working title]

    Reading through this again, I really strongly recommend downloading Hero Academy and playing around with that a bit. You have several things going on in this game with drafting and resource management that are different and interesting, but the tactical/card-playing side is similar enough that...
  7. Diakonov

    Sets Hour of Devastation Thread

    Anybody sick of blocks ending with an apocalypse yet?
  8. Diakonov

    My Board Game Prototype [working title]

    This reminds me a bit of Hero Academy, which is a great game. I only have a few minutes at the moment so I will try to process more of this later. One thing I would suggest is trying to keep shuffling and searching effects to a minimum. Anytime you could replace a search with a scry + draw...
  9. Diakonov

    The Board Game Thread

    The Fantasy Flight LCG's? I've only played Android: Netrunner, which is excellent. Rotation is coming soon, so it might be a good time to get interested. I've heard good things about all of the other LCG's as well. Arkham Horror: The Card Game (Cthulhu one) is the latest, and it's actually a...
  10. Diakonov

    The Board Game Thread

    I think that's reasonable analogy, except even the best mix of "goodstuff" in a Dominion kingdom isn't always obvious. The speculation portion is the part I enjoy the most (like drafting in cube), and the games are short enough that it doesn't take long to see who's plan worked out best. In...
  11. Diakonov

    The Board Game Thread

    I haven't played with Adventures or Empires, but the other later expansions did improve the game. "Solvable" kingdoms still come up, but it feels less common than it did with the base set/early expansions. Dark Ages in particular does make the game very different.
  12. Diakonov

    The Board Game Thread

    I haven't played online since isotropic got squashed. What's the monthly cost?
  13. Diakonov

    Anyone for Starcraft?

    The original Starcraft was one of those rare games where from the moment I started playing it until months later, I found myself repeatedly saying, "I cannot believe how awesome this game is."
  14. Diakonov

    Diakonov's Cube (450)

    I did like that one, actually, and I might bring it back. I can't remember the exact reason I cut it, but I think I was in a mode of trying to reset symmetry in my gold section.
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    Another video of my friend, attempting to bring America back together.
  16. Diakonov

    Sets Amonkhet (AKH) Spoilers

    breakthroughmagus of the bazaar Is this a deck? I think this is a deck Edit: Also gamble
  17. Diakonov

    Sets Amonkhet (AKH) Spoilers

    A good friend of mine made a video about Magic's recent graphic design.
  18. Diakonov

    The Board Game Thread

    Awesome, thanks so much for this. I know it's a pretty serious undertaking for an entire group of first-timers. How does 18xx compare to Indonesia in fun, heaviness, fiddliness, etc? I almost bought Splotter's new printing of that but between the high play time and complaints about components...
  19. Diakonov

    The Board Game Thread

    I've been considering an attempt at 18xx. The major issue for us is game length since many of them take 6 hours. GMT recently reprinted 1846, however, which is supposedly a good introduction and should last 3-4 hours. Anyone have any advice?