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  1. FlowerSunRain

    General CBS

    On that point, its a fair question to ask when a game is made better by telling its players that they can't use a certain game mechanic due to entirely non-game factors. After thinking about this I'm starting to come to the depressing conclusion that if Magic never existed my life would...
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    General CBS

    I see it more as a love story, slightly derivative, but makes up for it with sincerity. Best Magic article I have read all year, but also the only one. 3 stars.
  3. FlowerSunRain

    General Interesting p1p1 white cards

    Cards not yet mentioned: Wordmail is a beating and a half if you support that kind of deck. Empyrial Armor can provide similar results too. They can definitely feel removal-checky. Archangel of Thune is a high powered top end by itself that benefits from incidental lifegain or a total...
  4. FlowerSunRain

    Card/Deck Low Power Card Spotlight

    I don't remember having ever seen convalescent care. That's the kind of engine card I can get behind!
  5. FlowerSunRain

    General Colorless Activation Lands

    =) SwarmyardHigh MarketMishra's Factory =( Rishadan PortStrip MineInkmoth Nexus I had a lot more cards for the love list, not much else for the hate list except maze. In fact, I probably would have put maze instead of nexus, but, you know, peer pressure.
  6. FlowerSunRain

    FlowerSunRain's Cube

    Put blue into cubetutor, always my least favorite part of the list. Only 5 sorceries seems weird, but its probably right. I cut some generic powerdraw (Fact or Fiction and Jace Beleren), which makes leaving in Deep Analysis feel wrong. Bounce is has historically been really good in my lists...
  7. FlowerSunRain

    General Interesting p1p1 green cards

    Berserk is mostly power level I think, but it does give a disproportionate amount of power to doublestrike combo. Sylvan Library is the #1 pull into green card ever, but I'm down on it because its a raw power do nothing that gives incidental power into places that don't need it. In my cube...
  8. FlowerSunRain

    Card/Deck Single Card Spotlight

    How does this card play? Awesome or lame?
  9. FlowerSunRain

    General Alternative Combat Systems

    This mirrors my experiences on Netrunner. Great design, frustrating development. My card game of choice these days is Doomtown, but its too far removed from Magic to be use.
  10. FlowerSunRain

    General Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Spoilers

    I think these are shoe ins I think these are solid gridfillers and alternates that will spend some time in the list I am interested by, but have reservations about I like, but probably won't include because they're bad designs for my cube
  11. FlowerSunRain

    FlowerSunRain's Cube Started redesigning after a long absence. IT will basically cover the same ground as the old cube, just better refined. It will finally include Thallids (a fan favorite here) with a special rule to help them be competitive. Black is the color I'm...
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    General Basic Lands

    I thought that was worth a point.
  13. FlowerSunRain

    General Basic Lands

    I use Mirage basics for my cube. For the rare occasion I play constructed use these:
  14. FlowerSunRain

    General Fight Club

    Strategic planning actually fills a niche, so I like it best. Impulse is definitely the best card of the three if you want to support that kind of deck (where you have non-committal things to do when the mana you are holding open for countermagic doesn't get used). Star of Extinction...
  15. FlowerSunRain

    Card/Deck Single Card Spotlight

    As resident old person I would like to clarify that winter orb's status as a Magic card has always been tenuous at best.
  16. FlowerSunRain

    Card/Deck The Azorius Senate (WU)

    As someone whose main U/W theme is heroic, Moorland Haunt is my favorite as it gives those decks a nice stream of bodies to enchant in case plan fails. Ephara, God of the Polis is cool too, but usually weak. Geist of Saint Traft in unnecessarily powerful with the cards I run, but it might be...
  17. FlowerSunRain

    I'm Going Gaga for Grid Drafting

    How did I not know about this thread? Amazing read, great work!
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    General CBS

    Did any notable white one drops come out in the past 2 years? Sacred cat, Thraben Inspector and Legion's Landing seem playable, did I miss anything else?
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    General CBS

    The usual refrain around targeted discard is that its strengths are counterbalanced by the fact that they are a bad topdeck. And that's true, but if the complaint is that the card is undesirable when it works, the fact that it sometimes doesn't work isn't really relevant. As I consider my...
  20. FlowerSunRain

    General CBS

    In the end, I think the information most people want to get to is figuring out "is this card good for my cube" and to get there, it seems more productive to me to paint a broad picture coming from a variety of specific perspectives then trying to glean information from people trying to fit their...