April Fools Rectangle Instructions

Jason Waddell

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The Rules

1) Everyone make a thread for your drafting. The first post should have a spoiler for your drafted cards, and a spoiler for your opening rectangle (found below). The file with the rectangles is in the next post.
2) No peaking. Peaking is a huge advantage in this format, so please avoid looking at anything other than the rectangle you are currently drafting. If there are two rectangles sitting waiting for you, only look at the first one.
3) New: Signalling. I wrote code to ensure that there is at least 1 card per basic color identity (W, U, B, R, G) per pack. You can use this to kind of deduce some stuff about your packs.
4) After you make your picks, pass the rectangle on to the next thread. A passes to B, B to C, etc.

This is a bit sloppy, but if you need to reference the color identities in this cube, go here:

I'll make hybrids non-mono in the future for clarity of drafting.

A. James Stevenson
B. Com Harvey
C. Jason Waddell
D. Lady Mapi
E. Modin
F. pillow
G. Kirblinx
H. japahn


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Jason Waddell

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Prototype Matchmaking

We'll do two round-robin pools.

Pool ACEG: James, Jason, Modin, Kirb
Pool BDFH: [D]om, Mapi, pillow, japahn

You are free to play people from other pools, but the idea would be to try and play as many of the opponents within your pool as possible. Players are responsible for their own scheduling. Input open here.
How exactly do we play? I've only played one draft on here way back like 2+ years ago :D Do we still do it on MTGO or another platform?

Jason Waddell

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I'll try and make tonight but I can't say for sure. I live in central europe (tu felix austria) and am working from home right now so I am pretty flexible ;)

Are you on discord? You can drop me a line whenever and we can find another time if you want.