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Ecstatic Orb
Yeah, it's funny how often you can use either the Inspector itself, or the clue as fodder for something else. I've gone games where I got three clues out of the little fellow, and cracked only one of them for a card, because I had a better use for the clues as they happen to be artifacts :) Great stuff!

Dom Harvey

I adore Thraben Inspector and often flirt with breaking singleton on it. Unless your Cube is very high-powered or very unusual, it's hard to imagine it not fitting in any white deck.

Chris Taylor

Even me! (Technically)

I wanted it to be a spell so it played better with prowess but the idea is the same.
Thinking about implementing Boros Aggrobots with the bew additions from Modern Horizons 2. Does anyone run an aggressive artifact theme in RW?
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A few approaches depending on how broad you want your artifact theme to be:

1. Have cheap artifact creatures that every deck can use, but the payoffs and signposts are in Boros colors (more about the payoffs later)

2. Add some cheap Red and White artifact creatures and some colorless payoffs every deck can use (this list isn't exhaustive!)

3. Combine 1. And 2. for a ton of artifacts that will likely lead your aggressive Boros decks to be artifact centric.

Here are some ideas of themes you can support with Boros Aggrobots

This basically wants you to control a single artifact to enhance your threats. This isn't my favorite approach since the cards are narrow and only slightly above rate.

A slower, more grindy aggro deck that recurs threats and offers inevitability. You need to have a bunch of cheap artifact fodder for this to work, so this is tougher to support outside a broad artifact theme.

A mix of going wide and going tall. I mention the human aspect because I see a Champion of the Parish in your cube.

The equipment side of this theme is very easy to support now that we have the creature equipments from new Kamigawa. There are also the ones that make a token on entry that can replace creatures (Barbed Spike). The berserkers side is a little tougher, but can work especially at your power level I think.

Nothing to complicated here, flood the board with artifacts and finish with an Overrun type effect.

Cast cheap artifacts for profit. Like the grindy/sacrifice deck, this theme requires a big artifact section to make it work.

A few deck lists to give some examples (this is from my own higher powered cube, but still).

Mono Red sacrifice

This deck has going wide, recursion and counters all for artifacts.

Boros artifact aggro

This is an example of having colorless artifact payoffs combined with Red and White artifact creatures.

Another nice blend of themes in there with counters from humans, sacrifice with Ravager and The Ozolith ties both parts together.
For me the most important cards are:

The white cards give you the disruption the archetype needs, while Canonist and Pia and Kiran Nalaar promote stacking artifacts. Gingerbrute is a versatile card overall, but it's an artifact that carries equipment well, making it a great pick. Nettlecyst is a great payoff and, since it's also a creature, it's more versatile than Cranial Platting would.