Are articles on cubecobra to be trusted?

There is no real difference than us writing entries to our cube blog or a standalone deepdive thread in Cube Talk. On Cobra the last I checked you can just sign up to be a content creator, they'll give approval, and I'm assuming there's a minimal quality control process on submissions for lesser known members of the community. Aside from that you've got a few consistent series and reposts of podcasts and the like.

I've had a few articles posted, each of them actually a repost from something here in the past, but it's really no different than writing an extended entry on this forum. You'll just have to see which authors vibe with your design sentiments because there are a lot of hot-take/review articles with every set release where YMMV on how useful they actually are.
I think the articles are genuine and trustworthy, it‘s just I may not agree with them or find them helpful.

As far as I’m aware, the articles are all written by cube enthusiasts for no personal gain.

SteveMan’s hot takes articles are the only ones I read routinely, mostly because I am too lazy to read an entire set spoiler and he has fairly broad inclusion criteria.