General Arena Cube League

(these are subject to change as we try them out and see what works and is fun)
We’ll accept drafter signups continuously and send out drafter pod lists and the Cube of the Week on Saturdays.

The weekly tournament format will be Best of 3 Round Robin, which means each drafter in a pod will play one BO3 match against each other player in the same pod that week, using the deck they’ve drafted from the Cube of the Week.

Drafting is done asynchronously against the Cubecobra bots. You may draft a cube as many times as you like before settling on a deck, but must use only one of your drafted decks for all your matches that week. The deck you choose is the one you’ll post (keep reading).

Once you’ve drafted your deck and finished building it in Arena, you need to post 3 things in the league Discord channel:
1. the Arena text export of your final deck
2. the link to your drafted deck on CC
3. your Arena handle

After these 3 things are posted, you can challenge anyone who’s also made their weekly post. After you’ve played your match with someone, post the results in the Discord league channel and find the next match.

Weekly pod results will be announced once all matches are complete for the week or the new weekly pod is posted, whichever comes first.

we will draft a different cube each week on a loose rotation. if you curate an Arena cube, send me a link to have it added to the roster!
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Yes. On monday we had to drive around the whole day and get a kitchen for our new flat,, so that plan got delayed. Today I have to work, but tomorrow is my next free day, I can spend many hours of drafting and battling.
okay, let’s go ahead and wrap it up for the week, looks like our newcomer @rcb is the overall winner! we have also now drafted all the cubes on my list, so ill probably start the rotation over unless anyone has a new cube to submit?
Since NEO is super cool and is dropping in almost exactly a week, after this current cube league week we are going to do something different!
Any time you do a NEO draft (quick or premier or traditional, it doesn’t matter) on arena, save your draft deck, and you can bring that deck to the league for the week!
We’ll do that for at least the first week of the NEO release and then switch back to cubes once everyone has their NEO updates done.