General "Cloudburst" Decks

Word of warning: this is me talking out of my ass... so take everything here with a grain of salt.

Storm (or, at least, a deck that looks like Storm) is traditionally a REALLY hard archetype to support in Cube. And it's not hard to see why — it's effectively a "cantrip and rituals" tribal deck.

That said... I'd argue that Storm is actually just a subtype of a more general strategy that I'm going to call "cloudburst" decks (because Storm jokes). A cloudburst deck is focused on hitting a combo turn where they generate a ton of mana and card advantage, and then try to leverage that into a win. This covers the obvious subjects like Storm itself or Belcher decks, but also includes stuff like a classic combo-y Elf deck (generate a ton of mana, play ALL THE ELVES into a Craterhoof), decks built around High Tide, and even arguably stuff like "a bunch of mana rocks + Paradoxical Outcome".

And I'm pretty sure that this general style of deck is supportable in a cube without doing horrible mental backflips. Like, um...


I had thoughts about how to implement this kind of deck in cube, but they all just ran out the door. I'll post this anyway, in the feeble hope that my train of thought will come back.
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This thread has derailed into prime shitposting. And it wasn't even my doing! :D

Back on topic, what about SEC, or Signposted Emergent Cloudbursting? (Yes, I made it a verb!) The idea is that you make a conscious effort to layer in cloudburst decks that consist mostly of broadly applicable and self-contained cards, with a touch of signpost cards sprinkled throughout the cube. This should lead to drafts where most cards can find a home, regardless of whether the drafter is going for the cloudburst deck, with the signpost cards signaling that it is indeed possible to cloudburst.