General Is it mad to support Madness?

I'm surprised that you didn't make a last-minute edit to talk about the fun new toy from NEO:


And then there's also this smattering of cards (including a new White enabler that can be buddy-buddy with Hallowblade):

Fleeting Spirit is basically just a Seasoned Hallowblade variant. Not much else to say about it.
Conspiracy Theorist is a little obsolete now that Containment Construct is on the scene. Having a built-in way of rummaging away the cards you want to play is pretty alright, though.
Wharf Infiltrator has some sneaky advantages. Not only is it a kinda-weaksauce enabler, but it also synergizes pretty well with cards like Anger or Honored Hydra. "All of my creature cards happen to also be 3/2s with Madness {2}" is a sweet thing to be able to say, really.
I think Madness has a fantastic set of enablers right now but not enough high-powered payoffs. Even if it's just flashback cards, you are still lacking actual stuff you want to put in your graveyard. Just a couple more picks could make the archetype shine, I think.