General Monthly Fun Q: Worst card to win with & best to lose to?

The 5th Fun Q was about which card was the best to win with...and which was the worst to lose to.
Now we're doing the opposite. This might be harder.

What's the worst card to win a game of Magic with?
And what's the best card to lose to?
(Credits to @alvoi for the topic)

I don't like winning if my opponent feels super (mana) screwed. Even if they don't complain out loud but I can still feel it in the air. I also dislike it whenever ANY player loses a game of Magic when playing my cube if they didn't enjoy the game for whatever reason. Could be a variety of things like custom cards, design flaws on my part, bad luck on their part etc. Simply because I have some of the responsibility of their fun and sense of challenge.

On the more personal side I don't like winning with cards that gives me broken mana leaps like Sol Ring.
On the other hand I don't mind losing to a well engineered Rube Goldberg machine. Or anything combo that is out of the ordinary we've seen 100 times before. Card specific I really like losing to a well constructed toolbox deck like back when Captain Sisay was epic in 1v1 EDH.

Do you have a card or a deck you like losing to/hates winning with?

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Love losing to my own Bitterblossom. I enjoy the feeling when it begins to dawn on me, “huh, my own game object is going to kill me…” and you have a few turns to try and get out from under the Blossom but it’s ultimately futile.

In cube, i dislike winning with lock combo, at least after the first time it happens. Whether it’s W&6 and Wasteland, or Forbid+Loam, or T5feri ultimate, I get a huge thrill when I first assemble the combo, but it kinda turns to ashes when I realize my highest win% line is to repeat a gameplay loop for eight more turns, making a few more land drops until I can finally start beating the opponent down with whatever 2/2 is left over, with precious few interesting decisions in between. I don’t mind in Constructed, but in Cube it’s like “ugh I’m sorry because I like you and I know we’re both here to relax, and I’m making your game kinda miserable.”
Worst feeling is probably Oko, Thief of Crowns. Just having it exist makes games trivial. Never in my time playing Magic did anything ever feel as hopeless as a T2 Oko off a Birds that just ran away with the game. I was the opponent and had a pretty good hand, but there is no way to beat that card unless you're going over the top and combo-ing off. My friend playing it also concluded that it was a bullshit card. It lasted all of one cube session and has since resided in the back of my binder. Card is cancer when it comes to engaging gameplay.

I like losing to Emrakul, the Promised End. It's fun to see players try to turbo it out early to try and get someone early. I like the deckbuilding decisions that go into making it cast-able. It's very flavorful, you do feel like you've kind of run into this unstoppable force, and the Mindslaver effect leads to some fun sequences. It's not as unstoppable as Annihilator which just feels hopeless once your resources are gone, it's still great as a reanimation target even without the cast trigger. And it's not like it's ALWAYS going to win you the game right away like an original titan cheated into play. There are many games where getting to cast it is too slow or reanimating it doesn't do enough if the opposite board is too wide. It's my favorite big bomb-y creature in all of cube and there are so many fun stories to go along with it.
Would oko feel fairer at higher CMC, or are the abilities too banana for anything good to happen?

"card types among cards" - like even merfolk, wizard, legendary? :oops:

Raise the CMC on Oko, change the starting loyalty to something manageable, and change Beast Within to a -1 (this is still the most egregious thing whenever I see the card) and he'd be much more fair to play against. But then it's just a wholly different card. The big issue is that the combination of all three makes it a nightmare as is. It comes down too early, builds up so loyalty so quickly (basically starts at 6 for 3 mana), and it just ends up being a card you can't outpace without direct removal if your opponent is still developing their board around it. I don't think I've ever seen anyone meaningfully go for the -5; it's more just a flex once you've already curbstomped your opponent by ticking up all night long. You just can't get through to it; just invalidates all fair Magic.

Unfortunately supertypes (ex. legendary or basic) or subtypes ala creature typing don't count. Anything that could grow the Tarmogoyf can also reduce the cost of this Emrakul.

I remember literally every loss I had to this, and not one of them left the victor feeling proud of themselves. Once I had a guy dead on board, held back two threats just in case of Bonfire. He miracles it, tapping out to wipe the board and take me to 10. I redeploy. Topdecked second bonfire for lethal. Wolf-Run Ramp was the least fun deck in the most fun standard.

You see them shuffle up and you're already rooting for 'em.