Nanonox's 1vs1 cube

I am trying some more cuts. I'd like to get down to the 400 range. I might be supporting too many archetypes to get there though.
The first round of cuts were rather effortless, but these hurt more.

One area to improve upon is UB discard. I've put Oskar, Rubbish Reclaimer in, but it has been tough to get it working. I'll be trying at least one swap, if you have other suggestions, I'm all ears:

Out -> In



Seems perfect as a repeatable discard enabler. Maybe cutting Venser, Shaper Savant?

Some decks that were drafted that are exactly what I want from my cube.
First up, mono Green artifacts:

This has great overlap between discard, GY, artifacts and lands. Bazaar of Baghdad shining as an enabler that is fetchable with Golos and excels with Life from the Loam. I would have liked another artifact payoff here (like Karn, Scion of Urza) and another discard payoff (like Currency Converter).
It really makes me consider dbs's approach of double Urza's Saga and Containment Construct for a colorless base that slips into any deck.

Another take on the GY, discard and artifact overlap, but this time with a sacrifice twist. With Cookbook and Bloodcaster, there can be plenty of artifacts, but I find myself once again with a lack of artifact payoff for these decks. Any suggestions?

This next one was the work of Dom Harvey. It's a really sweet take on a combo Oath deck with Lands shenanigans. Oath is probably my favorite build around because of how out of the norm it is and how much of your GY can be dumped at once.

Thanks to Erik Twice and Dom Harvey for all the drafts. It's really helpful having an outside perspective.
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Another take on the GY, discard and artifact overlap, but this time with a sacrifice twist. With Cookbook and Bloodcaster, there can be plenty of artifacts, but I find myself once again with a lack of artifact payoff for these decks. Any suggestions?

I think you run most of the pieces that scale up to your power level:

+ baubles and other misc support

There's enough there to easily support sacrifice, welder based reanimator, and artifact aggro. Hard to imagine you really need much else imo.

You have Tangle Wire, but you are missing other stax components ?

There are also these which pair pretty nice with the other aggro pieces....cranial plating, scrounger, etc:

But they aren't really artifact payoffs.

I don't know if these are good enough here:

Although, I'm starting to reconsider Master with the influx of treasure-generating cards that help ramp into and trigger it. As a master-alternative, I'm also looking at:

Triggers on both sides of the board can be relevant in an artifact heavy environment. Still reasonably narrow.

I've been playing around with

and it has been fine. I'm not in love with it, but it is nice to bridge the artifact tokens with the cheat angle.

I think that's all I got.
I think you run most of the pieces that scale up to your power level:
I guess I am looking for a more open-ended artifact payoff in the vein of Urza's Saga and Nettlecyst. One that could fit equally well in the Green and Rakdos decks I posted above.

How far above the power band would this be?

You have Tangle Wire, but you are missing other stax components ?

I have Tangle Wire as a tempo play more than a stax piece in this list. I am not convinced that Braids and Smokestack are going to cut it. I have decided to keep top tier removal in this cube and they don't line up super well against that.

As for the equipment, they were in when I was in the 430+ card range, but got the axe as I slimmed down. Definitely a consideration!

Marionette Master is one of my favorite cards and this cube uses all parts. You have artifacts, sacrifice, tokens, humans and counters. I think it could do work for sure.

I am looking to include some cards I've missed:

Colorless sacrifice outlet that provides artifacts to sacrifice again. The 2 mana cost is key here.


I am missing another wrath effect in Black. I am used to Deluge and like it a lot, but it might be a tad too powerful against aggressive decks. Languish is fine, but a bit uninteresting. Sure you can work to have creatures survive, but I don't like the conditional nature of it.
I have a few ideas I'd like to implement in the cube, the first is extending the Selesnya Earthcraft/Rishkar/Katilda ramp archetype to being a 5 color one.

At it's base, this archetype is a ramp deck that uses creatures to ramp rather than mana rocks, spells or actual mana dorks. This makes it less consistent since you need to combine multiple pieces, but the output you get is pretty nuts.

Open-ended mana engines

You just need creatures, no conditions asked. You could probably get away running the archetype with just these 3 cards and be fine at smaller cube sizes. However, the decks would likely look pretty similar and IMO, would get old quickly. There are plenty of alternatives though! For that reason, I'll be using Earthcraft and Cradle and forgo the Rites.
There is also Xenagos, the Reveler who's +1 is a Cradle activation. He also provides bodies and is very strong in the deck. Outside of the deck, the play pattern of casting him on curve, ticking him up and casting another threat is very potent.

Human/counters mana engines

I am lumping these two together because of how intertwined they usually are. The aggressive human payoffs stack counters on creatures enabling Rishkar. And Katilda says human…
One challenge I’ve found is that you need to include mana dumps that can be played early or late (Intrepid Adversary, Mikaeus the Lunarch).

I've also noticed that this is a great way to get an artifact deck into Selesnya as well since Esper Sentinel, Ethersworn Canonist, Blade Splicer can get pumped by a Steel Overseer, which in turns lets you get a huge Hangarback Walker or Walking Ballista as mana sinks.

Sacrifice mana engines

These cards were mentioned by Dom Harvey earlier in this thread. The artifact sacrifice outlets are particularly critical to include if you want this archetype to work in non-Green decks. Alongside Gaea’s Cradle you have 3 colorless engines and all the mana you could need. For these to work, the payoff needs to be huge since you are sacrificing your board presence. I’ve found that the X spells that give you tokens are great, but more on that later.

I appreciate that this archetype diversifies the sacrifice decks somewhat. You could include Blood Artist type effects, but you also don’t need to.
I’ll mention Pitiless Plunderer as a great piece to these decks. If you have a sacrifice engine, then it acts as a Phyrexian Altar. If you have one of the pieces, it doubles your mana. And can work wonders with the next category of cards.

Artifact mana engines

To cap things off, you could go off with artifacts. Academy can be seen as being adjacent to Cradle. Urza is a total package as it offers a mana sink in addition to the ramp. Galzeth is the most narrow of these in terms of restrictions, but the floor of the card is fine even outside of synergies. I've had the dragon in my MP cube, but it wasn't until I was writing this post that I realized that it fit the archetype. I'll have to try and draft a UR "Earthcraft" deck!

You need solid artifact architecture in the cube to make these tick however. Treasures, clues, servos, thopters, baubles, whatever.
I personally love cards like Lonis, Cryptozoologist as you want to be casting creatures and the clues provide both mana and cards.


The dream is to have your X spells create tokens so that it’s both a set up card and a payoff.
Speaking of, watch out for cards like Chandra, Acolyte of Flame that not only provide bodies, but also let you recur your X spells that you may have used early.

Going wide

I'd love to have a Black X spell as well. Right now, the closest I am happy with is .

Going tall


I've never actually played with the last two, but they seem like they could be sweet, especially with the Altars. Sacrifice your board, get it back with ETBs, sacrifice it again and profit! Do you have experience with these two cards? Wake the Dead's timing restriction seems a bit too limiting, but Rally seems great.


Lonis, Cryptozoologist
Gaea's Cradle
Tolarian Academy
Ashnod's Altar
Phyrexian Altar
Galazeth Prismari


Not sure about the cuts as I am still figuring out if I want to reduce the cube size to around 400 cards or go up to 420-450.

Example decklists

Taken from my MP cube. The mana engines here are Urza, Academy and Earthcraft. Tracker, Lonis and Goose provide a steady flow of artifacts and from there you have big X spells. Map, Golos and PrimeTime are great for finding the Academy and providing some redundancy.

Taken from my 1vs1 cube. Humans + counters + Earthcraft for big mana. Pretty classic!

Taken from Erik Twice's cube. This time we have a counters, artifacts and Earthcraft combination. I really love that all of these cards are good on their own, but put together it can blow up. That needs to happen if you want your synergy decks to keep up with good stuff decks IMO at higher power level.

Taken from my MP thread. Gaea's Cradle, Pitiless Plunderer and the 2 Altars serve as the ramp package to power out some X spells. There are even some tutors (Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and Enlightened Tutor) to add redundancy.
Then you have typical token or sacrifice matters payoffs that give some reach in Corpse Knight, Goblin Bombardment and Mayhem Devil. Sprinkle in some artifact synergies and you have a really cool deck IMO.

Did I miss anything? Particularly interested in hearing about the 2 Altars as I have the least experience with those!
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I've been very happy about my Earthcraft-like archetype. The card itself (and Chord of Calling, which is my second copy) is the only parasitic slot, everything else (Rishkar, Gala Greeter) is extremely versatile. Katilda is a good bridge and while it's not the most useful piece, it sits just right for a multicolour card.

I haven't really had any experience with the Altars, I never know how to build those decks right!
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