General Sacrifice Lures

What cards compel you to draft a sacrifice strategy? I want to make the archetype a little more enticing in my cube.

My personal favorites are useful for sacrificing more than just creatures:

I run a lot of trinkets that self-sacrifice as well as land sacrifice effects. I find these do double-duty in those decks as well as traditional aristocrats strategies. They both can lead to some memorable plays.

Another favorite that I cut:

which would often pull me into a sacrifice archetype. Being able to mow down opposing creatures or send bursts of damage to your opponent's dome is a lot of fun (for its owner!).

What are your favorites?
seconding votes for Falkenrath Aristocrat and Mayhem Devil as lures.

tangent under spoiler
also, here’s a sac/morbid deck i drafted in my artisan cube a few days ago… I was actually pulled into the archetype because as a designer i wanted to test Ulvenwald Mysteries, but i was really happy to get the recursive threats and Vengeful Strangler alongside the fight cards. it’s not something i’ve ever had come together in the cube before this draft. Perilous Myr, Skyshroud Ambush, and Ravenous Squirrel are hidden under the bottom of the frame