General The Alter Thread

Okay, I'm not really happy with this.
I think this is what I actually want:

But this is existing magic art

Maybe that's okay? Maybe someone has a better idea?
Maybe you could try:


Chris Taylor

Ho Lee Crap those are incredible!

On the complete other end of some aesthetic spectrum, I made these a few nights back:

This thread was requested so now I'm making one :)

Show off your altered MtG cards here. Preferably the ones you have in your cube :p

Here are some of my favorite colored cards

Isamaru, Hound of Konda by CardKitty
View attachment 1801

Path to Exile in foil by Jérõme Turcotte
View attachment 1802

Oblivion Ring by CardKitty
View attachment 1803

Ponder by Toni Micol
View attachment 1804

Counterspell in foil by Jérõme Turcotte
View attachment 1805

Fact or Fiction in foil by Malte Bigup
View attachment 1806

Toxic Deluge by Dustin Bossard
View attachment 1808

Lotus Cobra by Sandreline Moussé
View attachment 1809

Abrupt Decay in foil by Malte Bigup
View attachment 1810
Issy!! My spirit animal
Fear no more

From now on we won't confuse these with Plains or Swamps because they stand out with their correct colors.

Colored Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Basic lands by Fratrus Alters (AKA Pierre Yves Lefebvre)
Island, Mountain and Forest

Forest Innistrad Midnight Hunt.pngMountain Innistrad Midnight Hunt.pngIsland Innistrad Midnight Hunt.png

They look even better in person than on digital photo. The artist painted the lands usign acrylic paint but I still don't understand how he got all the details this accurate.

Here is a link to his Facebook page:

Here is a link to all the Basic lands in my cube: