General What would your collection or cube(s) look like as a word cloud?

These are the most common words in my collection! I removed a few of the boring ones like partial matches of "war", that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but if "War" as a standalone word is in the card title, I feel like that means a bit of something about its identity being similar to other such cards. Also no guilds like temur/azorius, but yeah. If I make a list of cards that only include these words, I get a 363-card cube, a little red/green heavy, a little low on blue, but like, the mana curves look fine!

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 16-05-15 Create word clouds – WordItOut.png

Might be interesting to do a deeper search that includes all the oracle text, but there'd be a LOT of boring words to filter out, like damage or tap.

Oh and i used - looks like this when you're editing 1663905092430.png
What would yours look like?
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What a fun little exercise!

I don't know how to do this on but I expect the seven major buzz words would be:

Party (The four creature types, so technically 4 different words)
Yeh, might get more interesting results if you put the list into sublime text or notepad++ or something and remove dupe lines (not dupe words ofc!).

If it was a bit easier to physically take apart IRL cubes/decks/collections and recombine them, I think it'd be pretty fun to experience the *unintentional* themes and archetypes that occur if you just, say, jam everything named Growth / Death / Priest / Shaman / Dragon into a lil' 2-player cube and see what happens.

I suppose it could be done online. Is cockatrice still a thing?

edit: and i do instinctively feel cardnames are more interesting here than mechanics. We already kinda know which mechanics our cubes are peddling, right? And some folks already do things like "all the golems, all the flashbacks" etc.