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Discussion in 'Cube Talk' started by Jason Waddell, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Jason Waddell Administrator

    So, Eric and I do Skype calls every now and then, and I always find them pretty entertaining. We're thinking of streaming one this weekend. Anybody have requests for topics?
  2. FlowerSunRain Contributor

    How do you find a balance between including the cards you love and keeping the draft environment functional and coherent?
  3. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

    Wait, we're streaming now? I thought we were podcasting! I'm so confused.

    Also I still don't know when I'm free yet, but I'll email you.
  4. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Why not do both Eric?
  5. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

    Entwine? Only if the additional mana isn't too rough.
  6. Jason Waddell Administrator

    We will be broadcasting this Saturday at 11 AM eastern.
  7. Jason Waddell Administrator

  8. 15th card gimmicks!
    3 drops: They kinda suck!
    White Aggro: Committing to humans!
    How does green midranged work without busted equipment?
    Apparently we seem like jerks to the rest of the cube world!
    Other kinds of red decks!
    How you guys met!
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  9. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Oh man, good questions! You've got me excited!
  10. I'm kinda really excited to bother you guys on stream, I haven't seen Eric in ages either so that should be fun. I hope I'm not playing baldurs II gate over skype while you guys do that. We all have our ways of staying in touch with friends in distant lands eh?
  11. Looks like it is going to be very entertaining. I'm not going to be online to watch or hear it live, but I'm sure going to check it out later (assuming that you guys are going to record it and make it available).
  12. Jason Waddell Administrator

    The twitch stream will be recorded.
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  13. CML Contributor

    i'm inviting myself to one of these

    skype credits: i used to do poker lessons over this medium
  14. Do you guys really think upheaval will be incredibusted with incredibly limited artifact ramp and common creatures?
  15. Dom Harvey Contributor

    teach me how to poker yo
  16. Aoret Developer

    I really enjoyed the stream today guys. I only caught the tail end of it, but I plan on listening to the podcast version.

    I really see this community growing (if slowly) into something even more awesome. Please do more of these! I'll be spreading the word to other enlightened, "liberal" cubers :D
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  17. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

    Here's an audio-only recording of the cast, unedited, with no post-production! Cause.. we're lazy.

    The first 38 minutes is us warming up and discussing mostly anything cube-related that comes to mind. We start answering the chatcast questions from this thread at around 37:45.

    Again I'm sorry for my horrible mic. ughhhhhhhhh :( Will definitely scrounge up a better one if we do another cast.
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  18. Jason Waddell Administrator

    No, but there's a pretty large swath of territory between "incredibusted" and "15th pick".
  19. Jason Waddell Administrator

  20. VibeBox Contributor

    do this more often.
    i know i haven't been around lately, but weekends are relatively free for me and i'd be all about chilling for a while with you guys on twitch
  21. Jason Waddell Administrator

    I don't know when we'll do another yet, but there will be more! Get your questions in, the spicier the better. P.S. this is open to all people, it can be something I've written about before, something tangential to cubing, whatever.

    So far I have:
    Powerful artifacts and the problem with Magic's card types
  22. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

    Green archetypes - what decks are possible in base green? What decks are fun and/or make for good gameplay?
    Fact or Fiction: too much fixing in a cube leads to all durdly midrange 4cc & 5cc decks
    Cube power level - where do you draw the line?
  23. FlowerSunRain Contributor

    Why don't more people run double mana lands? Some people run Ancient Tomb, but rarely do people run City of Traitors, Crystal Vein, Peat Bog, Remote Farm, Saprazzan Skerry, Hickory Woodlot or Sandstone Needle. They definitely never run Ruins of Trokair, Dwarven Ruins, Ebon Stronghold, Havenwood Battleground or Svyelunite Temple. These cards all do great work speeding up the game and creating tension in early rounds without requiring you to just run tons and tons of 1/2 mana non-aggro options. I like these cards a lot, how do you feel about them?
  24. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Kiki-Twin style combos
    Density of cheap removal
  25. I am excited for this; however, please please get a better mic or do some sort of audio postproduction to level out the volume. I couldn't hear anything you were saying, Eric!

    I think you should devote an entire episode to the different ways people sort their gold section.

    I kid! I kid!

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