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  1. Now that I'm rank 5 I'm just having heaps of fun with my BFF Jaraxxus :) I even have a positive record so far! *cough* 3-2 *cough*
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    I built the deck with one change (Pyros -> Bloodmage, and then Bloodmage -> Babbling Book) and was climbing really easily. One game I pulled off the duplicate on Kazakus, then had Brann for Kazakus 2 and Kazakus 3. The hardest part about 5 Kazakus potions is finding the hand size for them all.

    Also, I was able to outvalue a Jade Druid thanks to Nzoth reviving two Sylvani.

    The Malygos list seems, uh... well, I played it and immediately faced a pirate warrior. Seems non-ideal for climbing, but I like it as a high level counterpick deck.
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  3. Oh god, no. I would never recommend just laddering with the Malygos list. But high level Wild has such a small population that you will run into the same people 4-5 times in a row. It's an extremely targeted list focused on doing one thing really well, and that thing is punishing slower decks.
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  5. These cute wild decks have been fun.
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    I'm having trouble finding any deck that I love and want to play for extensive periods of time.

    I think there's some weird internal tension going on. My favorite cards in the game are ones like Swashburglar and Shaku that are strong while generating random hand-states, but I'm most successful as a player when I just, you know, play the beat down. But I also derive fun from winning. My best performing decks aren't my favorite ones. Like, last season I stalled hard with Miracle Rogue, a deck I quite liked, then got to Legend with Mid Hunter and Token Druid, neither of which really excited me.

    Do you guys have decks that you love love love?
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  7. Miracle rogue is certainly a deck that I love love love, but I stalled as well. Any control oriented warlock deck with Jaraxxus is dear to my heart as well :D
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  8. Wild Freeze and 4-crab Standard Mid Hunter. I really like Renolock, Midrange Anyfin decks (including Secret Palafin) and had a great time with Combo Druid but of course that one was too good to last in Standard. I keep coming back to Freeze, though - the skill ceiling is enormous and even after playing the deck for months I find myself pulling off new and exciting lines every season. First I learned to play around Loatheb where possible, then secret hate, then all the Kobold kills, then I got better at chipping people down to OTK range, then I learned the 'new plan' against Pirate Warrior, and the whole time I got steadily better at the delicate combo machine the deck represents. I understand that some people find playing against Freeze to be boring, so I try not to main the deck too much, but I find it to be a fun and rewarding deck to pilot.

    Also, with mid Hunter I get to play absurd value minions. Have you read Savannah Highmane? That thing is bonkers.

    Combo Druid was a beautiful combo midrange deck where you needed to be able to pivot from board control to a burst kill at a moment's notice. Mid Hunter has some of the same feeling, especially in Wild, but I always thought that was a useful HS skill in general and those two decks rewarded being good at knowing when to pivot.

    I also like having golden cards. I'm a magpie at heart, but it makes the boards less monotonous to look at.

    PS: I love mid Hunter so much I recently finished golding out my Wild list a week or two ago, after working towards it for about 5-6 months. It's great to finally be done with the quest.
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    What's your current Wild Hunter list Saf? :)
  10. I enjoy any well-constructed HS list, but unless I feel I know enough to build them from scratch/tweak existing lists, no HS gives me enough utility to play at the competitive volume. 1v1 MTGO Commander may replace a lot of my HS time... which makes me, sad, because I spent $$ to buy in for the new expansion (and I probably need to spend a few hundred to play MTGO).

    I wish HS was singleton. Reno/super potion person are soooo fun, as is randomness.
  11. I'm uh... momentarily very distracted by Gems of War...
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    I didn't really play much HS this month, but I did still feel obliged to get to Rank 5 in Wild. Playing against Quest Rogue so much really soured me on Standard, so I became the scourge of Wild: Pirate Warrior. I actually enjoy piloting it, far more than something like Aggro Druid.

    Been slowly opening Ungoro pack after pack before I craft my next Legendary.

    How'd you Wild dedicated players do this month?
  13. I've been playing mostly to get quests. I took my RenoLock deck to rank 12 though, lol
  14. Rank 5, I was too busy for the legend grind and didn't want to try for top 64 like a lot of people were. Wild definitely felt bigger than usual, especially at 5-L.

    I really like Pirate Warrior from a meta design perspective - the strongest aggro deck in the format is a synergy deck full of two-card combos and that attacks from a couple of angles. No more is face hunter with the best aggro one- and two-drops the best aggro deck, it's something beautifully refined and stronger because of its synergy than anything else - an inspiring message for those of us trying to make aggro "interesting".
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    Sequencing is pretty fun with the deck. I do think BR Legacy Sacgro has more interesting decisions, but I don't get golden epics for playing it.
  16. I got my first ever 12-win Arena run today! I was playing Mage/Hunter (Steady Shot HP) and had a great curve into Rexxar DK which sealed a lot of games for me. Coin + Archanologist into Hunter Secret was a huge tempo opening for me several times. My one loss was to a Paladin/Warlock deck that had a slightly better early game and finished out with Dinosize on a stealth minion. Shout out to Safra for spotting me online in the final game :)
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    Wait, Arena is multi-class now?
  18. It's a special Halloween event, on for a few more days. It's been lots of fun.
  19. Agree, this was a blast!
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    I got Rotface.

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