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Discussion in 'Cube Talk' started by Jason Waddell, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Jason Waddell Administrator

  2. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

    Because we know all of you west coast folks love waking up at 8 am!
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  3. Some of us have to be at work on Saturdays at 8am... :/

    Basically saying, I'll tune in
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  4. CML Contributor

    For how long? I'll be passed out most likely unless it ends up going very well and long :(
  5. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Probably no more than 90 minutes.
  6. Rob Dennis Developer

    I've been toying with making U/R a spells-matter combination:
    - upped non-creatures relative to creatures for both colors (most of my other colors are largely creature)
    - doubled up on delver of secrets, young pyromancer, and guttersnipe
    - used most of the izzet slots for cheap spells: electrolyze, fire // ice, izzet charm

    and the red part has so far played out very interestingly in that even with near mono-red deck, there was a lot of tempo-style elements that seemed an improvement over t1-t2-t3 dudes, t4 haste dude, ask "what are you at?" and finish with fireblast

    if you were going to choose a secondary archetype for Red, what would you do? (I've usually tried Wildfire and similar resource denial/board control)
    what about U/R as a real thing and not "well, I'm splashing fire//ice and electrolyze and calling myself UWR control"
  7. Wouldn't Nivix Cyclops be good in a deck like that? Also seems like an awesome wall for a control deck
  8. You guys make a good back and forth, I was cracking up every time my name was mentioned too when I listened to the first half later that day while working.

    My main thoughts right now are concerning what directions to go with my own pauper or pez list but more often than not when thinking about other people's cubes I've been really interested in the prospects of doubling up on cards people love to play with. I'm thinking pyromancers, witnesses, snapcasters, hybrid beaters, lightning bolt, the sorts of cards lots of decks want and feel really good to play. Especially if they are making archetypes that are historically weaker show a little better. I think there are a lot of problems with this idea but it's something I'm very curious about exploring. Reminds me of elf surpluses, duress clones and how most people are excited to cube with as many wildfire and armageddon like cards as possible.

    Young Pyromancer has had me all a flutter. If I make a peasant cube instead of a pauper one it's probably because I wana play spells matter or storm with that guy around. Supporting spells matter archetype seems to have gotten way easier. doubling up on sifter spells CML style and then delver and pyromancer in your cube and it might have made itself. What do you guys think of spells matter, or where UR sits in general.
  9. From another forum post here: The Problem with 4-Drops

    Something that takes up 90% of my cube design thinking that I realize not many others have much interest or experience with: How to tune a cube for two players that is still draftable with a full table.
  10. Dom Harvey Contributor

    Library manipulation and high CMC cards with stuff like Mindshrieker/Erratic Explosion/Riddle of Lightning/Djinn of Wishes is a nice little subtheme.
  11. Rob Dennis Developer

    I'm on the fence; I like the effect, but seems parasitic. I'd almost prefer a kiln fiend
  12. Aoret Developer

    Seconding this! Nearly all of my drafts are grids, but occasionally I get 6-8 people interested.

    I think this is a bit cube-dependent, too. It seems like a number of us are simultaneously adding this UR spells-matter archetype in (the group-think is only a little scary?), so I'd imagine in a few weeks people will have lots of good feedback on it. I went the route of including Cyclopses and Wee Dragonauts because I don't want to have to make the beater unblockable for it to live. I'll let y'all know how that pans out for me.
  13. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Alright, we're online
  14. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

    ahhhhhhhhh my computer's internet died within the first twenty minutes of the cast so no audio recording this time, sorry :(

    and then i got super flustered as i was receiving a barrage of phone calls right as Jason was grilling me about the design ramifications of my cubes's Modern restriction, so, not my finest hour, ughhhhhhhh

    i'm gonna figure out a better tech setup for next time (though.. that's what i said last time too :oops: )
  15. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

  16. VibeBox Contributor

    ew, why you do this so early?

    soon i'll be up anyway for to the college footsball, but still my point stand. ew.
  17. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Time zones yo.
  18. Rob Dennis Developer

    The magic box guys go: twitch to YouTube, then YouTube to mp3. In case you still want to do something
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  19. Dom Harvey Contributor

    If it's on Twitch, it should remain there as long as you highlight it.
  20. Eric Chan Hyalopterous Lemure

  21. Woooo! Sorry i couldn't make it this time guys! I was sorta hung out to dry.
  22. Jason Waddell Administrator

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