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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Stevenson, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    I'm just about to upload an article, so why don't we just do a general thread for these articles. Anyway let me know what yall think! I just sent a job application and they're looking for people who can write. I linked them here, I hope they read the article!

    Article might take a minute. I gotta figure out how to give it a picture...
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  2. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    Lol I have a chrome extension that replaces the word "God" with "Nicolas Cage", so if anyone started reading that at the wrong time it actually got uploaded that way. But I changed it now.
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  3. Your hitchhiking stories are always a blast to read. This was the first time I had to deal with suspense though :p
  4. Jason Waddell Administrator

  5. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    Potato Man was very memorable.
  6. Jason Waddell Administrator

    He seems like a Family Guy character.
  7. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    And yet he's a real person! He's still out there, jerking off hitchhikers!
  8. Great story so far. Looking forward to part 2!
  9. This is compelling stuff. Most awkward/awesome car rides ever.
  10. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Too bad James never writes about the time I drove him around London. Thrilling story.
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  11. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    That's your article. One day when I'm famous you can write "The Truth About James Stevenson" and give all the dirt cuz we had some massive falling out this one time. Then after we're dead they'll make a movie about both of us and it'll be kind of like The Prestige. Because it will involve magic.
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  12. Dom Harvey Contributor

    where is Part 2!
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  13. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    ok I'll write it! sorry.
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