The Quest: Part 2: The End of the Quest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Stevenson, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

  2. Aw man... The feels :(

    I wonder if there's a universal trait connecting people who pick up hitchhikers? Most of them seem lonely in one way or another...
  3. That was really good. It's kind of surprising to me how heavy the stories of the people who you come across are. Then again maybe I'm looking at it wrong.

    I feel like sometimes when you're otherwise alone with a person and know you won't see them ever again you can be more honest with them than you might even be with someone close. It can be nice to not have to worry about future repercussions of what you say (other than the immediate future). On the other hand... my theory doesn't explain all the handjob... people.
  4. Yeah, you might be onto something there. It's good to get things of your chest, but it's hard to burden those you see every day with your troubles. A random hitchhiker though, especially if (s)he's a good listener, you can just talk without shame and without fear it will get back to you because you will never see that person again. Maybe it's the same with the handjobs though, after all, you will never see that guy who knows again...
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  5. Jason Waddell Administrator

    I've started picking up hitchhikers when I see them, but more out of a sense of obligation to James.

    This morning I dropped James off at an Antwerp highway entrance ramp, so he'll be off discovering a cross-section of humanity again.
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  6. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    Seven rides from Belgium to Basel. My favourite was this old Dutch guy in a Bentley who lit up a joint and didn't say much at all. He was very quiet and I couldn't hear a lot of what he said. Then he put on some really loud music, and talked louder, but I couldn't hear him because of the music. He had a very well behaved border collie as well.

    Re: lonely people: people always seem to tell me about what a hard life they've had, or good things they've done. I guess it's therapeutic. But not everyone. A lot of young people take me because they are just totally cool with it. Young French guys are really easy going.
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  7. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Did you count my car as one of the rides?
  8. Laz Developer

    I have been waiting on this for a long time... I should really add riptide to my RSS.
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