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    General Custom Cards: The Lab

    A snappier name for the card might help. Snake Knot. Ball of Hiss. Fanged Tangle. Fangle.
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    General (UNF) Unfinity Testing/Includes Thread

    Tchotchke Elemental requires unique counters, so stacking pennies would be against the spirit of the card. Nothing wrong with stacking a penny, a euro, a shilling, a drachma, a doubloon, a florin, etcetera, etcetera. A BitCoin would be tricky and don’t even think about using a Ningi.
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    Are articles on cubecobra to be trusted?

    I think the articles are genuine and trustworthy, it‘s just I may not agree with them or find them helpful. As far as I’m aware, the articles are all written by cube enthusiasts for no personal gain. SteveMan’s hot takes articles are the only ones I read routinely, mostly because I am too lazy...
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    General What would your collection or cube(s) look like as a word cloud?

    Running 9/10 Talismans. Maybe goblin tribal could be a thing. Gearhulk is missing, which is a shame as I run 4/5 of them.
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    General Spaaaaace: To Unfinity and Beyond!

    I can think of a closer analogy than lessons: contraptions. But, er, you already listed them. The recent un-sets seem very parasitic to me. Contraptions, attractions, augment and watermarks all require a critical mass of enablers and payoffs to be present if they are going to be drafted similar...
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    General Custom Cards: The Lab

    Why have you changed the rules text? If I cast Scythe Doll from the graveyard using something like Yawgmoth’s Will I think it will trigger twice: once when I cast it and once when it enters the battlefield.
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    Sets (40K) Warhammer 40,000 Commander Set Previews

    Could Serra Paragon be fixed by adding “perpetually” between “it” and “gains”? It makes me wonder if the rules managers have been befuddled by the alchemy cards.
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    Sets (40K) Warhammer 40,000 Commander Set Previews

    I thought this set would be much more science fiction in terms of theme, but more of the humanoids seem to be carrying swords than guns. The tyranids don’t look that different from phyrexians to me. I could imagine playing a card from this set, if we get one that is mechanically appealing.
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    General Custom Cards: The Lab

    I didn’t know. I thought Strixhaven was near the village of Hogsmeade.
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    General CBS

    Proxy/sharpie the humans to be other creature types. Or run no humans apart from Champion of the Parish just to mess with your drafters.
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    General Monthly Fun Q: Worst card to win with & best to lose to?

    Worst card to win with might be Pack Rat. The “correct” play pattern is just so repetitive and inevitable feeling. Best card to lose to? I’m going to go with Palinchron. It constantly surprised me with the combos it could enable.
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    General (DMU & DMC) Dominaria United Testing/Includes Thread

    As well as all these reasons from a cube design perspective, it feels odd to me having a single tribal card from a drafter’s perspective. If I take it I have to consider an otherwise irrelevant creature type in all my subsequent picks.
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    General (DMU & DMC) Dominaria United Testing/Includes Thread

    Would this be in addition to Cast Out for you? I’d prefer the cycling to the incidental life gain, but your mileage may vary.
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    Sets [DMU] Dominaria United Spoilers

    Is it carving? Looks more like pyrography to me (not a criticism, just an observation. Burning the image seems very appropriate for dragon themed art).
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    General Favorite Flavortext?

    I think the original “shade in which to fight” quote was from Herodotus’ history, which was released about 2500 years before Alpha.