General 2 Card Archetype [Shitpost]

So me and my roommate just stumbled upon this "combo" in my cube. It's an easy 2-Card archetype to include.

I'll post an example decklist:

Alternatively you could play it like this:

What do you think? The only problem would be sleeving 38 Mountains.

If this joke has already been made I appologize.

I already have the mountains, and the crusher.....If only I supported MDFCs in my cube I could unleash this degeneracy upon my own playgroup.
You joke, but I have built both of those decks before. The Countryside Crusher one is surprisingly interesting, since you get one shot at comboing off before dying. It's more of a way to teach new players about the importance of running answers than an actual deck, though.

My other favorite two card archetype is, of course:

And who can forget good ol'


In all seriousness, it could be fun to support a deck or two that want very high numbers of lands. It's not like it would cost you that much, after all.
So crusher combo has the insane advantage of only needing 1 card on play. Starting the game with a hand of 1 countryside crusher gives you the option of playing it t4 or earlier (t5 if on the play) and winning 1-2 turns later. Turns out you'll win - if uninterrupted - on t6. (if you draw the fling, you'll win the turn after crusher, otherwise you'll need up to two attempts to get him big enough)

Anyway, our game plan here is gonna be one of two things:
a) Draft crusher combo
b) Hatepick the hell out of the other packs

a) Draft crusher combo
b) build a normal draft deck with the rest of your picks - having the most insane transformational sideboard in the history of sideboards.
You would probably hate pick every removal to have a chance of winning a game. Sounds like very little fun for everybody else then playing with almost no interaction.
Honestly, I think the "I hatepick all of the removal" plan isn't going to be an issue, especially since the combo requires you to draft two specific cards. Until you have those two cards in your draft pool, it doesn't make sense to transition into hatedrafting, especially if your cube has other archetypes that will fight you over those cards.

It definitely isn't like Lost in the Woods, where in a slow enough cube you can draft it and then hatedraft all of the enchantment removal and burn...


I hate that, according to my wife, Sheldon's reason for not banning Sol Ring is "I like it"
Honestly, I like Commander, but WotC is pushing cards for the format too hard (we really didn't need Jeweled Lotus... or Dockside Extortionist... or Hullbreacher... or any number of other straight to commander prints), and the Rules Committee makes the weirdest decisions. Super fast mana is okay, but hoo boy, that naughty Sylvan Primordial sure ruins commander games! Better ban it! It's certainly responsible for a bunch more nongames than Sol Ring! Or Necropotence. Or Cyclonic Rift. Or Armageddon. Really, the ban list is just a hodge podge of some broken cards and cards they personally dislike.

Fun fact I discovered while scrolling past the Commander ban list: Mirrodin block and Urza Block together are responsible for 17/26 card on the Block Banned Cards list. That's two blocks responsible for 65% of all block constructed bans :') (And all but 1 of those 17 cards can be found in Urza's Saga, Mirrodin, or Darksteel!)
The problem with EDH's banlist is that it's apparently supposed to be an example banlist, with the idea that your local playgroup would curate your own banlist over time as your local meta evolves. You're supposed to read the banlist, see that (for example) Upheaval is banned, and intuit that Cyclonic Rift should probably be banned as well.

The issues with this approach should be bleedingly obvious to anyone with eyes.