Sets [2XM] Double Masters Spoilers

i have reached a point where i purposely don’t even put set symbols on my cards anymore unless i’m making them for someone else… it has been fun to see the new borderless arts rolling in

That's what I'll be adding. If you would've told me a couple month ago, that I would have three times as many cards to add from 2X2 than from New Capenna, I would've been disappointed. But how can you be disappointed with artworks that sweet? :oops:
If I end up getting any of these cards, I'm going to get these:

Maybe Seeker of the Way if I decide I want to be art singleton.

To be honest, though, the only one that's for sure on my "I must get this card" list is Inquisition of Kozilek.


Ecstatic Orb
I drafted this set yesterday, and honestly, it felt so great! Went 2-1, losing the final when my deck finally spectacularly failed in the 3rd game, but boy did I have some sweet wins with my GUbr ramp deck! The highlight of the evening was when I cast Villainous Wealth for X = 9 against an UR opponent with 11 cards in deck. I had enough mana to cast the Wealth for X = 11, but decided to play it safe against his four untapped mana. Sure enough I drew out the Mana Leak he'd been sandbagging, only to counter it right back with my own Mana Leak. One of the last cards I flipped over was a Deep Analysis. Guess I'll target my opponent for those last 2 cards in his library :D

NB The one game I won in the finals was a real nailbiter. I managed to cling onto dear life with some River Hoopoe activations and an active Webweaver Changeling against an onslaught of sizeable flyers, to finally find the lethal Villainous Wealth for X = 12. That's right, I won two games with that card, both through decking my opponent :) Other highlight included a turn four Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, a game I won on the back of Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh, and the fact that all night my mana was perfect thanks to four Cryptic Spires, a Gruul Turf, and two Rampant Growths.
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