AI Y U B Like This?


Ecstatic Orb
I thought I'ld share some of my MidJourney misadventures to show why human artists are superior (if you can afford them). @Velrun, this might be of interest to you if you want to explore AI art generation :)

Prompt: Fantasy art for Magic the Gathering. A big bighorn forages in a dangerous mountain.
AI: Did you mean goat? I bet you did!

Prompt: Fantasy art for Magic the Gathering. A hungry mountain beast snacks on a goat.
AI: What's with you and those goats? But sure, I can draw a goat eating lunch with its hands!

Prompt: Fantasy art for Magic the Gathering. A hungry and menacing boar scares a flock of birds.
AI: Sure! Here's some boar/bird hybrids for you!

Prompt: A flamingo that looks like the Eiffel Tower
AI: Did you mean: "A flamingo in front of the Eiffel Tower"?

Prompt: A photograph of a red-eyed tree frog admiring a statue of Nelson Mandela. (I was trying to create a holiday picture with our company's mascot for a puzzle I was making)
AI: Oh. Oh no... Why would want me to create art like this?!

Prompt: A small smithy is built next to a waterfall. A water wheel connected to the smithy is turning in the river. Scenic painting for D&D.
AI: Why do you insist on the water wheel being in the water. Doesn't this look better?

Prompt: Fantasy art for Magic the Gathering. An aberrant and alien giant smashes and ransacks a pantry room in search of food.
AI: Aberrant! Yes! I get to go wild with fingers again!

Prompt: Fantasy art. A wizard casts the firelance spell, scorching one soldier and scaring a second soldier.
AI: Red. Wizards. Fire. Check!

Prompt: Horror fantasy art. Scene: A black spellbook grew spider legs. The spellbook crawls through the graveyard.
AI: No comprende!

Prompt: A kindly ghost spies on party-goers at a grand dance ball from the rafters. Fantasy art.
AI: Rafter? I hardly know 'er!
Okay, but I lowkey love all of these pieces.