Combat Trick Centric Cube

What is this cube about?
The Combat Trick Centric Cube is a low-powered cube that revolves around combat tricks and prioritizes the combat phase of magic. The creatures in this cube care about you casting non creature spells, spells being cast on them, or just greatly benefiting from having their attack stat increased, and the removal in this environment has to be either strictly a combat trick or be highly inefficient / have drawbacks.


Design Goals
I want the games from this cube to be close and interactive, for them to not be snowbally, for drafters to always expect the unexpected, and for players to always have a chance to comeback when behind.
I want this cube to be played by players at any skill level, but for there to be complex decision trees.

As the intent of this cube is to revolve around Combat-Tricks, the cards in this cube weren't planned with the typical form of two-color pair archetypes in mind but instead I just picked fun cards that could synergize well with Combat-Tricks. Nevertheless, some mechanics featured in this cube are: Heroic, Magecraft, Prowess, Adventures, French vanilla creatures, Power Matters, Attacking Matters, Equipments with keywords.

My misgivings, and things i want to make better.
I fear that the fact that non-combat-trick removal is so sparse will lead to games being exactly how I don't want them to be; for the player who gets the first advantage to run off and win the game, but I don't know at what point there would be enough removal or just too much. No board clears also makes me think that there won't be any way of stopping a player from snowballing.
I like equipments and what they do in the cube, but I fear I may have put too many of them in here; as with removal, I don't know what the right density for them is.
I have too many cards in my cube. My pod is usually 9 to 7 players, but i feel that 500 cards are just too many and fear that too many cards are being left out. My brain has a problem, and cutting cards is the hardest thing in the world for me, so it will take time, but I want to bring it down to 450.
Mana curve
I feel like having such a high density of 1-3 cmc cards and low 5+ may be a deterrent to my goal of having no snowbally games.
Color Identity
As all the cards in this cube revolve around combat tricks, i feel that all the colors may feel samesy. I definitely have to find a way for the mechanics of colors to be distinguishable but at the same time revolve around combat tricks.
Creatures and non creatures
I don't know what ratio of creatures and non-creatures would be better for a cube like this. I've read that around 60% of cards in a cube should be creature cards but i'm not sure what would be best in this environment. My gut says a 50-50 split would be better, but I truly don't know.

About me
Thank you for reading this post! I'm Jupon, and I've been playing magic since 2017. This is the second cube I've made, and while i liked my previous cube, I feel like this one is just more true to myself and what i like.
I'm fairly new to cube and even more new to ripetidelab so i hove you'll se me here more often!
I live in a country where playing magic is really expensive so this cube was made for me to play with my friends who are inexperienced and new to magic and draft and for them to not pay for any cards. I also want to explore and share my favorite parts of Magic with them.

Planned Updates​

At time of writing I've drafted the Combat Trick Centric Cube twice! In the last draft I took photos of all the decks so i plan to post them in the next post.
Whenever I make changes i want to make a post here explaining why i made them.

I greatly appreciate you for reading this far and would appreciate it even more if you would tell me your thoughts and suggestions about this cube or maybe even tell me how i could make it better!
hey there, and welcome to the lab

my current cube project also revolves around making combat tricks viable, not by having the emphasis on them but by lowering the power of removal in certain ways (conditional or mostly damage based so a combat trick could counteract to the removal)
hard removal only at sorcery speed, damage based removal not being too mana-efficient (like 1 mana = 2 damage, 2 mana = 3 damage; or by having an additional condition like Sandblast). I'm still thinking if I make the theme Naya with Exert, Heroic, Power Matters, a combo-y Berserkers way to play and just growing small creatures over the course of a game all being playstyles that use combat tricks to great effect. its a good way to implement an aggressive playstyle into a lower powered environment and it's definitely interesting to revolve a whole environment around it, but I think you definitely need some removal for slower decks to catch up.
(conditional or mostly damage based so a combat trick could counteract to the removal)
Oh wow, thank you for the comment! Do you have the link to your cube so i could check it out? it sounds sick!

I love your idea of damage based removal and i'll definitely add some next time i change the cube!!