Sets [DMU] Dominaria United Spoilers


These are both VERY GOOD commons. Like, wow.

Keldon Strike Team has a floor of being a 3/1 haste for 2R. I have a feeling we're going to see quite a few Strike Teams being reanimated by a Balduvian Atrocity in limited. And I don't think I need to explain why Ghitu Amplifier is sweet.

That's honestly been one of my favorite parts about this set (I say, as if this set had been out for months) — there are a ton of strong commons and uncommons.

nice, a card I want to play that wasn't in the text dump, 3 mana instant night's whispers is a solid floor

It was actually in the text dump — it was the example card for Kicker.
Went to that big white supremacist/anti-vax rally in Canada and posted about how awesome it was on Instagram.
And then doubled down on it, saying that just because people with Nazi flags were there didn't make him a Nazi supporter and that everyone there was nice and kind and held no ill will towards anyone.

(My position is that on the one hand, sure, he may be technically right in that he might not support white supremacy, but on the other hand, the only acceptable reactions to seeing a Nazi flag in public are a) attempting to remove it/protesting it or b) leaving.)
Every dumbass artist I ended up buying an art print from turned out to be a shitty person.

Terese Nielsen with a Basandra, Battle Seraph print or this neat Natural Order print? Turns out she's really really fucking into alt-right, straight up racist rhetoric, and full into conspiracies. Noah Bradley's art of History of Benalia looks like it'd be a pretty cool scroll to hang up. Oh, he's really fucking creepy and just sexually harassed the hell out of so many people. Seb McKinnon playmats, wow these are great! I'm going to do every kickstarter! Fucking moron ignoring the issues and focuing on some dumb QR code tangent. I'm just going to not buy anymore art at this point. I just hope John Avon doesn't turn out to be like the Zodiac Killer 2.0 at this point.

How hard is it to not be an absolute shithead. The bar is so low to just be a decent person that isn't extremely ignorant or outright fucked up. Sleep with dogs and you'll wake up with fleas, good riddance to all of them. There are so many talented artists and great works of art that aren't tied to people with absolute shit for belief and awareness that I'm glad to never see another piece by any of them again.
Van Gogh attacked Gauguin and was a substance abuser, beeing normal isn't a requirement to be an artist. It's pretty difficult to find people without sin. It's good that Wizards doesn't want such controversy and stops hiring people with toxic behavior.

I dislike white-supremacy, believe in vaxination.

But then again, I love animals, I dislike that the're killed for food or sport. But still love my wife, who loves her steak and I'm on speaking terms with my father-in-law who loves fishing. I hate that people in Africa are dying of hunger, but I spend my money on MTG cards in stead of sending it to people who could use it better.

And I won't lose sleep enjoying the beautifull cards R. Guay, Terese Neilsen and Seb McK made.
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