General Favorite Flavortext?


Most of my favorites have already been mentioned but this was an early one in my Magic career that stuck with me:

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I generally like the feel of the 90s ones best. I think they got a bit cringey in the early 00s and never really recovered that old fantasy charm, and never took themselves with the right amount of seriousness. Some others I wanted to share though:

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Squandered Resources is an all-timer.

(below card is just representative) I really liked the "Theriad" series that Theros flavor texts had. Really neat little integrated world-building.
I also love these. I crammed as many as I could into a beginner-friendly battlebox. I think a new player would be really intrigued when they learn that there’s more than 1 Theriad flavor text, and be inspired to hunt for more. That’s the hope, at least.
I think the original “shade in which to fight” quote was from Herodotus’ history, which was released about 2500 years before Alpha.
Interesting! I wasn't reading Herodotus in junior high school (unless there was a reference to it in Sid Meier's Civilization somewhere), so it was better late than never when I saw this on a MTG card.