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May I offer you a

in these trying times?
I've considered it but maybe it is too slow?

Does this work?

Already have one of this but yeah it is very good.

saproling migration is honestly pretty good in low power with a tokens archetype
I don't know how low power does my cube need to be for this to be good enough but yeah for now I'll try this one.

I'm also thinking of including Gala Greeters in this spot, it is a payoff instead of an enabler but it also acts as a bridge with ramp and artifacts.
I'm also thinking of including Gala Greeters in this spot, it is a payoff instead of an enabler but it also acts as a bridge with ramp and artifacts.
Gala Greeters is such a fun card. It's a good engine with several unique lines of play.

Also, even though it may be more of a payoff in the context of the deck you are trying to design, it enables so many cool things that essentially functions as a reason to go wide with creatures more than simply a reward for doing so. This is an incredibly appealing feature for payoffs since it means your drafters will be trying to play this card instead of just throwing it in when they happen to be in the token deck.


Ecstatic Orb
Call the Bloodline has been an excellent enabler for my discard matters archetype. I have no experience with the card, but on paper, Haunted Dead looks unreliable as a discard outlet, is more expensive to get going, and requires discarding two cards, which is infinitely more than one (especially if you throw in Master of Death-style cards and/or madness payoffs, which both make you want single discard outlets).
I was searching more specifically for something that could produce tokens, but Legion Vanguard seems like the best option here (apart from Scrapheap Scrounger which I already run).

Now what about these two fights:
Between 5 drops



and between 4 drops


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I agree that Mirari Conjecture and Niblis of Frost are the best options. It is worth considering how aggressive you want your overall environment and specifically your spells matter decks to be. Mnemonic Wall and Murmuring mystic only fit in slow decks and were frustrating for other aggressive decks to play against. I still run Talrand, albeit as something of a pet card, but you mostly want to play it as a 5+ drop with spell or two in hand to get at least one drake.
Taking a step back, I think that what what you want these slots to do re: cross-pollination of archetypes is more important than the quesiton of which card is best in a vaccuum. The Dowser and Wall are really combo pieces for a Ghostly Flicker deck and will be 23rd cards in any other deck unless the cube is very low-powered. Talrand and Mystic just care about spell volume (though one slows the game down and the other speeds it up, plus having different risk/rewards ratios) whereas Niblis is (closest to) a tempo topend that rewards both casting spells and holding them up. Conjecture is a cool combo piece/value engine that rewards building towards a big turn. I'd start with figuring out which of these four categories (blink combo, spell volume, tempo, and general combo) you want to support and going from there.

It's also worth noting that Conjecture, Niblis, and Mystic are a clear cut above the rest on power level, as others have pointed out.
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Tough one. Tanuki properly ramps but does not draw a card.
So what do you value more and happens more often? If you cycle tusker when you often do not have a land in your hand than tusker is likely better. That said, the tusker can be clumped all day long… why not both?
Tanuki was so good in draft, but I fear for its speed in anything faster. Would be really awesome with a sorcery speed 1G or GG ramp. There's also Beanstalk Giant to consider here.

Overall, I dislike the ramp on 3, but Tusker is a weird Divination of sorts. I dunno.