Card/Deck land destruction

Jason Waddell

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The actual question is whether Sinkhole is cooler than Smallpox. My answer is no. But I'm open to counterarguments. Which I will likely ignore. But only because I don't change my cube anymore. For now.

Chris Taylor

Sinkhole: Not so hot, black doesn't capitolize on the tempo as well as say red does, and even when it does the efficiency of this being 2 mana doesn't matter as much.
Goblin Ruinblaster: Was good, but there are a million more interesting more consistent 4 drops (Which is what this is)
Acidic Slime: Huge fan, flexible, very abusable, such card advantage, wow
Plow Under: Strong Spell, probably something green needs, SUPREMELY UNFUN to play
Tectonic Edge: Too weak :(
Wasteland: Just right
Crucible of Worlds: Doesn't do much beyond locking people out of the game IMO
Life from the Loam: See above
Armageddon: Perfectly reasonable disruption, hard to execute on, can definitely bite you in the ass
Wildfire: Mono red control baby


Sinkhole with Gravecrawlers though ;(

Anyone else experimented with Tec Edges and Wastelands? Wadds and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum (me Tec Edge / funsies draft, him Wasteland / regular draft) and I want more data to help me figure out why


Is playing raze a sign of a deep commitment to aggro or a sign that you've gone too far trying to screw over decks that want to hit five mana?

raze is a sweet card. i have such a soft spot for both LD and elegant one mana cards.

football season is almost over so maybe soon i'll post about why i run All The Land Destruction and have no regrets

James Stevenson

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Welcome back, man!


i lurk

like i said, college football is wrapping up, and nfl playoffs are about here. once i don't have tons of fantasy info to sift each week i'll get the cube itch again
I have 2 things to contribute
1 Descent Into Madness is hot garbage.
2 I think mana denial/destruction is best used as an answer to a problem. I'm in the middle of doing a major overhaul on my peasant cube and have upped the amount of mana denial included because it seemed like 4/5 color decks were pretty much just always outdoing the other decks and aggro decks were under preforming. I'm thinking this will definitely help balance things out.
I'll try to Rise from the Grave this thread for a moment.
Is Fulminator Mage good outside of a devoted LD deck? I'm going to experiment with our land rules in the way which will provide Mage with targets EVERY game (players' mana-bases will consist mostly of non-basics). The reason for why I doubt is although he looks like a sweet card, I cannot define in what deck I see it. Aggro decks, probably, would run it to delay the late-game stage, but on turn 3 I'd rather increase the pressure on my opponent. Plus, we'll have 6 Field of Ruin-kind effects in our Utility Land Draft. Midrange? Well, maybe. But, anyway, Mage doesn't seem to support any other archetype (all right, synergy with the Blood Artist).
Fulminator Mage is miles better than everything mentioned in this thread this year. You don't have to be hard aggro, you don't have to recur it, the format doesn't have to be 4c nonsense, you don't need a Wasteland format, he's just good at baseline and better if you exploit him. You know how it's good to play versatile split colour cards, like Finks, because it improves the format? My God, you have a home run right in front of you and you're being talked into the intentional walk that is Avalanche Riders............

Run fulmy, enjoy fulmy, enjoy the texture he adds to games
Fulminator Mage can too easily put you ahead in the game and create what some people call ‘non-games’ because you are not even sacrificing your own land to destroy one.

Hard pass if you want a format that is fun for both players. It is simply too cheap and hurts too early in the games.

Jason Waddell

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I'm almost sure I'll try it out just as a nice tech sooner or later. Bust seems to be good at buttoning the game up when you've reached the superior board state. Somewhat similar to what Ember Swallower was once doing in Standard.
Doesn't that "boom-a-fetch" trick feel too disappointing for an opponent, though?

Well, doing it on Turn 3 and having no 1-drop follow up is effectively Stone Rain.

Fulminator Mage is a good shout as well. It also gives the opponent some counterplay (fetch / play out Basics).
I had to cut sinkhole to make room for Zombies in black, but I just added Wrenn, Loam and Crucible so I'm hoping for some wasteland recursion action. Maybe Tectonic Edge can go in too?