My Marvellous/Mediocre Magic Thread

Dom Harvey

I went 9-6 in that Set Championship - good for $3000! - and got to prepare with some of the best in the game.

Before the next one they announced the overhaul and reintroduction of the paper Pro Tour - to seed the initial round, the same record of 9-6 at this one would get you an invite to the first Pro Tour of next year.

After starting 1-3 at this one I was pretty despondent but won the last three to make Day 2, then after a rollercoaster of a day I won my last round to get the Pro Tour invite along with my three Regional Championship invites, and another $3k to boot!

Now I can think more about Cube again!
+1 to that! (Although, @TrainmasterGT , have you read the backlog of Cube content on SCG? Justin Parnell, Usman Jamil, Thea Steele all wrote a lot of nice, design-oriented articles back in their days.)
Oh for sure, the old Starcity catalog has a lot of nice foundational theories from the earlier days of Cubing. I'm not familiar with Thea Steele but JP and Usman's old articles are all very nice!

Today the only person they have consistently writing about Cube is Ryan Overturf who... is not the best Cube writer. Granted, that's partially because his content is very narrowly focused on the MTGO Cubes and their derivatives, but his content is still not my favorite.
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