General Stock Poster Biases: An Addendum to the Addendum to the Spotter's Guide

Being a new poster is confusing. Who are these strange people, and why is the guy in the Marionette mask so hellbent on playing Siege Rhino? What is with all of the Brushwagg memes? This post is an addendum to the addendum of the original post. Here's the (modern) lay of the land.

An Addendum to the Addendum to the Spotter's Guide:

Jason Waddell

Jason was busy having a family for a while, but he returned last year to continue fighting the good fight... only to find that many of his more controversial ideas from the past have become widely accepted in the Cube community. Now, he's one of the godfathers of the format and everyone loves him. Currently, Jason is an aspiring Slay the Spire grinder who looks to apply the lessons he has learned from that game to Cube.


Probably everyone's favorite Cuber, this man from the Netherlands will cast Wildfire and look cool doing it. He will play exactly 5 three-color combinations in his Cube, but which 5 color trios are (occasionally) in flux.

Chris Taylor

Chris still likes to make custom cards. He is also the only consistent user of the "Cube Memes" thread. Chris has recently found an exciting backup solution to customs: real cards.


Ravnic appreciates the finer things in life. Blue. Green. Landfall. Madness. It is these core tenants on which he builds his Casual Champions Cube. He will one day prove the merit of Soratami Cloudskater, even in a powermax setting, ushering in a golden era of Cube design theory (and also casting Arrogant Wurm and Basking Rootwalla).


Although she occasionally disappears into the void, Safra really likes two things: playing (slightly older) legacy staples and playing dragons (and other Timmy cards). Safra's strategy of combining stack-based interaction with 5+ mana creatures creates a meme-tier environment the average WOTC Cube designer could only dream of.

She also has an outstanding taste in profile pictures.

Mad Prophet

He will return one day...
...but we can never be sure when...


Well-spoken, knowledgable about a wide variety of Cubes, Landofmordor does not like drawn-out games. If a game lasts longer than 15 minutes or someone gets to topdecking, something has gone seriously wrong. The way he has addressed this problem is by making every deck in the Cube into midrange (or something playing in the same space as midrange). Aggro? Midrange. Control? Midrange? Combo? Midrange? Midrange? Midrange. Everything is Midrange. Don't laugh, it works very well! He is also a major contributor to Lucky Paper Radio, writing Set Prospectives based on the data from their community surveys.

Now if only we could level up his FTL: Faster than Light game...


Fixing is like cocaine to Blacksmithy. For him, not even constructed Vintage has good enough mana. If a land doesn't have at least two basic land types or fetch another land, it's probably not playable. Blacksmithy encourages everyone to add lands and reduce their Cube's mana curve.

Blacksmithy will not rest until all Cubes are at least 50% custom dual-typed nonbasic lands. Hide your 4-drops and Thornwood Falls, he's coming for them.


Would rather be playing pauper.
(Or type 4)


When NyxHighlander isn't arguing about wether Basil II or Justinian was the superior Basileus of Byzantium, he can occasionally be found designing Cubes.

Dom Harvey

Dom Harvey is a competitive Magic player, author, and podcaster with an emphasis on eternal constructed formats. When he's not making his podcast with Ari Lax, or guesting on Jason's podcast, he can be found working on his Cube. With the advent of recent sets, the Spells Matter themes he has been trying to make work since the Gulf War are finally able to come to fruition thanks to cards like Dragon's Rage Channeler and Stormwing Entity.


Inscho is one of the unspoken heros of modern Cube design. His Graveyard Combo Cube has been a source of inspiration for many graduating classes of Cube designer. A relative adherence to Riptide has meant that his great ideas are only found by those who know where to look. But when people do find Inscho, they usually add 50% more graveyard synergy to their Cube.


Japahn is a Cube designer and author well known for inventing strategies to increase Cube diversity by increasing positive variance through several strategies. He's most well known for his articles on Cube Occasionals and Archetype Shapes. When he's not writing articles, Japahn causes Cube boomers to rage quit over not knowing how to use Generous Patron and Sparksmith in a Cube setting. Their loss, really– those cards are cool.


TrainmasterGT is a Cube designer and author well known for inventing strategies to increase Cube diversity by reducing negative variance through several strategies. His strange fixation on Siege Rhino is a common source of confusion for those not in the know. Likewise, his propensity to add broken cantrips to every Cube leaves some to wonder if he actually understands power dynamics. Has he even resolved the card Ponder before? When he's not writing diatribes about the evils of Fact or Fiction and the virtues of Hieroglyphic Illumination or making TikToks, TrainmasterGT can be found building battle boxes and constructed-like Cubes which due to their content should not be played by anyone.

(Appologies if I left you out, I just couldn't think of anything funny to write!)
I feel like a detective looking at a cork board covered in blurry polaroids with enigmatic descriptions against them, all connected by bits of string.


Ecstatic Orb
I laughed :) Also, you are way too kind to me :p Also also, I will have you know that my other cube runs a way more conventional color distribution. It even runs a four-color card! Of course it also runs a ton of cards that have been modded beyond immediate recognition :D

Look at that glorious mythic!
Because it is actually not good advice? If you do that daily you will invalidate a lot of different play styles and you will end with hyperaggro and something else?
reminder is daily, just follow the reminder once in a great while when you find yourself running too many edh chonkers and not enough lands lol
EDIT: and you’re right, it’s not good advice.

it’s GREAT advice :swagg:


Ecstatic Orb
someone profile this person stat

Some might liken LadyMapi to the eternal staple Brainstorm, but she isn't a blue mage, oh no no no, she's the reddest cube designer out there on the world wild web! LadyMapi doesn't just shelve her thoughts for later, she outright discards them as soon as she announces them to the world, serving as a fiery source of inspiration. Her recycle bin is a veritable graveyard of abandoned cube ideas. Some might call her unhinged, some might call her a muse. Whatever your opinion, there's no denying the raw creativity shining through all of her cube concepts!