General [UNF] Unfinity Spoilers

MaRo's panel at SDCC last night revealed the first few Unfinity cards... and more importantly, he also wrote a large blog post about the new hotness:

Sticker cards!
One per pack.
In Limited, you keep the three you open
In Constructed, you bring ten distinct ones and randomly pick three before each game.

Tickets are like energy counters. Cards give them to you and, when instructed to, you can spend them on power/toughness stickers (which overwrite existing p/t) or ability stickers (which are additive to existing text boxes):

Stickers stay on in any public zone (battlefield/graveyard/exile), but return to the sticker sheet if they go to a non-public zone (hand/library). If a sticker goes back to the sticker sheet you can use it again with a different sticker effect.

Name and art stickers do not cost any tickets, but you still have to have an instruction to put them on:

(allegedly there's a "hats matter" theme)

There's also plenty of non-sticker stuff:

I'm pretty stoked about Far Out even if I don't think critical Command mass/Demonic Pact exists yet. Also I'm not entirely sure it is supposed to work with Pact, but I sure wouldn't let that stop me. (edit: oh boy I forgot Umezawa's Jitte and I guess also Bow of Nylea)

And remember: Acorn watermark means "not legal in Eternal formats", otherwise a card is legal in Eternal formats.
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Ugh, I hate how... non-obvious the acorn marks are at a glance. Like, I've got to squint a bit to see it, which is kinda annoying.

I also don't know how I feel about stickers. On the one hand, I feel like it's a pretty logical extension of keyword counters, and a paper-OK way of handling "perpetual" effects... but on the other hand, they feel pretty clunky, especially when it comes to sleeved cards.
As a cute Limited gimmick, stickers sound great. Sharpie cubes and the like are a huge hit for this exact reason. As an eternal mechanic played in formats with cards worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, stickers sound miserable even if only for the grief potential alone. I know that MaRo suggests using a notepad, but I shudder at the idea of someone trying to slap an "Urza's" on a Cradle.