Article UW Tron in Modern

Nice article. I always liked the Urza lands.

Now the real question is, can they be added to cube? And if so, how would we do it? Obviously, it would have to be a multiple-of (like the lotus lands). How many do you need to run in a 40 card deck to get a similar scenario to 60 lands (probably 3 of each - but maybe we can get away with just 2)? Mathmeticians?

Chris Taylor

I mean jason had a bunch of success with cloudpost in the utility draft. Would this be cooler? Better? Worse?
If so, did cloudpost need nerfing?


It was mentioned that he had to cut down to 5 total posts from 6.

I have it in my land draft binder and no one has taken the plunge. I'm not sure its very well positioned in my cube, though.
Having it in the utility land draft I think solves the poison problem. It only infects (pun intended) those who want to use their land picks on it. I see no harm in running super narrow / semi-bad cards in the utility draft. As long as they aren't OP.

So maybe you have to use three picks and you get three of each of the Urza lands? I have a feeling two of each is going to be weak sauce outside lucky draws or combo stuff (like expedition map or tolaria west). My final land suite will not feature strip mine or wasteland, and I have gutted a lot of LD from the cube across the board, so it shouldn't be super vulnerable. And 7 mana off of three lands is very powerful, so the effect certainly seems worth trying to assemble I think.

Chris Taylor

That seems totally fine. I'll say that I never had much success with dust bowl, but if there's a place it'll shine it's the utility draft
So I've been playing some modern (I own melira pod & storm), and I just keep looking at tron and thinking it could be UW control (with mindslaver sided in, or gifts sided in). I feel guilty though, since it seems like a cool deck.

Would love a further argument for why Tron itself is efficient/desirable/sideways from straight-control style builds using one of its pieces.
I think the appeal of Tron (aside from being a badass 80's movie) is that when assembled you get 7 mana from just 3 lands (and if you are really good with a Frisbee, you can destroy the MPC at the same time as long as your user is Alan 1).

With the nut draw, you are hard casting Myr Battlesphere on turn 3 (which is BROKEN). Now, clearly needing three different lands is tricky and won't be consistent (and is very vulnerable to LD), but assuming your cube has ways to tutor lands and isn't running too much LD, it seems like it could have a place in some artifact heavy builds. Anybody running 4 wasteland is probably going to want to pass on this is my guess.

Dom Harvey

Tron works because it's hard for a control deck to win a fair, grindy matchup against decks like UWR or Pod while also being competitive against combo, lightning-fast starts from Robots, and so on. Tron gives you a way to go over the top of any control/midrange deck, and thereby lets you devote more cards to other matchups; you get to hedge in both directions.