Sets (VOW) Crimson Vow Testing/Includes Thread

Chris Taylor


Will of the Council; White's best blanket solution for any (nonland) permanent. It doesn't even target! Not so clean textually, unfortunately, but most players familiar with the card shortcut to "exile target permanent of your choice an opponent controls." I would gladly replace this with a cleaner alternative. Come on WotC! You can do it!
Do it

Chris Taylor

So to put this whole "hey I'm only running one card with this mechanic" talk in context here, I ran my own stats and MAN
(forgive me for not posting the exact cards, half these are custom. I specifically like expanding on one off mechanics)

Level Up
Phyrexian Mana

Adapt (Technically 6: double pteramander and quad Growth-Chamber Guardian)
Class (2)
Decayed (2)
Extort (2)
Exalted (3)
Evoke (3)
Escape (3)
Eternalize (3)
Fabricate (2)
Hexproof (2, Both on instants for reference :p)
Living Weapon (3)
Mutate (2)
Overload (2)
Rebound (3)
Ward (3)
Suspend (3. I run 3 cards with suspend god help me)
Vehicle (2)
Riot (3)

Surprisingly high: I run 4 cards with Adventure, 6 MDFCs, 4 cards with mentor, 4 with unearth

There's also the barest of technicalities:
These are both only present on these cards and could obviously be written out, which I don't feel the need to do.

Now I find myself wondering why I find inspired idea and Council's Judgment rub me so wrong I made new copies, but ancestral vision and Captured by Lagacs are just like whatever.
Now I find myself wondering why I find inspired idea and Council's Judgment rub me so wrong I made new copies, but ancestral vision and Captured by Lagacs are just like whatever.
I think it has to do with the 'gimmickiness' of a mechanic. Suspend is wordy and somewhat complicated, but it's mechanically unique and clearly serves its purpose. Support is just a simple, straightforward mechanic. While it could be written out, it's easy to understand, and the reminder text is right behind it to clear it up. Cleave, on the other hand, feels contrived. Its use of square brackets clashes with the general feel of Magic text boxes, it's a character that never has been used before. Will of the council is a multiplayer keyword that, literally, does nothing in two player games since the outcome is almot 100% predictable. Technically you and your opponent could both vote for carnage on Coercive Portal, but the game scenarios where both players want the non-tiebreaker option are rare indeed. For Council's Judgment in particular, your opponent will almost never have a reason to exile a second permanent (unless they run a card that kills themselves, like Demonic Pact), so this incredibly wordy card 99% of the time boils down to 'exile a permanent of your choice an opponent controls,' which makes the actual card look unnecessarily overwrought.
After getting my hands on the set, I feel a need to expand my testing list. Props to you guys for convincing me some of these cards are good.

Includes, in descending order of probability I'll keep them:

This card is actually kind of absurd and is what got me on the Blood train to start with. It's so simple and yet it does so much for all types of decks. Also, Blood is mechanically great even if the flavor is a miss.

Cheap artifacts? Check. A playable if inefficient rate for two copies of Raise Dead? Check. Hand smoothing? Check. Once I got on board with Blood, this became a slam dunk for me. It might be clunky, but I feel it's a great sideboard card for grindier matches and a solid enabler for Marionette Master-type decks, which are neato.

Hearing it described as Sift but more modal and with artifact tokens made me realize that this card is nifty. Yeah, it's a little slow, but that's right where I want Black's card draw to be. Probably the Blood card I'm lowest on, but it seems worth a shot.

Drake Haven this is not, but free is a very good price and realistically you're not triggering the Haven more than once per turn without a free discard outlet. Also works well with Blood!

Definite Includes:


mmm, basic lands! I really like the falling star effect on these three, and it's a shame that there aren't matching lands for B and G because I think they are lovely. As soon as these lands aren't almost a dollar apiece I'll snap up a dozen of each for my basics box.