General Weekly Fun Q: What is your most expensive card?

Probably my Alpha Berserk. I had a couple years where I ran a tricked out peasant cube, with all alpha and beta versions of cards. Then when I retired that list to start the GCC, I sold all of them to fund it. The berserk was in the peasant cube and carried over and that’s why I still have it. I’d probably go the high quality proxy route if I ever wanted to play with bazaars, duals, and power again


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I bought this card to pimp my first Commander deck, Thraximundar. I thought it might be fun to add all the cool Grixis cards to it. Being on a budget, I opted for cheaper versions of Sol'Kanar the Swamp King and Nicol Bolas, but Gwendlyn and Tetsuo Umezawa were only available in their Legends version. Although I can't trace back any receipts, I'm pretty sure I spent somewhere between €10 and €25 for Gwendlyn. In hindsight I should have bought the "expensive" versions of the other cards as well. In fact, I should have invested in a lot of cards back then :')
Hmm. I really have no idea. I haen't been in touch with the MTG card market in like 4 to 5 years. I'll guess my signed copy of:
my most expensive real card owned is either Vengevine or Engineered Explosives depending on the day, i tend to sell everything that gets above $15
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Mine is SLD Bitterblossom, I think. I tend to proxy anything that I can't get for less than $40, and try to do trades only for stuff more than $20.


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Good grief, no! Check the square corners. It’s International Collectors Edition. Still ludicrously pricey for a bit of cardboard, but I picked up an ICE set for about £75 before Cube and Commander were popular. At the time I felt cheated because I hadn’t realised they’re not “real” cards. Now I’m feeling that I got a good deal.
Oh, I thought Alpha had square corners, and yours has as well. So this is the one with the gold border on the back side? Ridiculous that that version still costs €5000 o_O
I pulled a forest from a booster the other day and I'm not selling it for any less than like fifty billion dollars.

serious answer idk I think like Time Spiral or Yavimaya Hollow or some other semi-afforable reserve-list card.
Probably a portuguese Mox Diamond, but depending on how much the non-japanese foreign language penalty is, a Zendikar Expedition Polluted Delta. Used to be a foil Coldsnap Dark Depths but seems that that fell in price.

The Mox used to be in my cube but... it wasn't very good :S And when I moved to Canada I didn't want to shell out that much for an English one.