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aetherling is sweet enough BUT bear in mind it's not a 6-drop in the vein of frost titan. it's not THAT strong as a cube card.

the whole point of the card w/r/t constructed is to be able to collapse your win-con into 1-2 slots. like once you stabilize who cares when you play it. for cube it's not as strong, as the kind of hardcore permission decks that still get played in standard aren't options in cube, where you're gonna be making some win-cons incidentally with other slots anyway.

for a creature with a quick and mean reputation as 'impossible to kill,' the activated abilities are surprisingly skill-testing and there's a lot of scope to do sweet stuff with and against the 'ling. however, with existing 6's including keiga and frost titan, i'm not sure it's worth it. actually, i think it's cooler than keiga and am going to put it in over keiga before i go to bed.
At this moment I run these DGM-cards in my cube:

- Aetherling
- Lavinia of the Tenth (I don't think her pro-red is that big of a deal since she costs 5 mana) (would love to see some blink-shennanigans)
- Varolz, the Scar-Striped
- Deadbridge Chant (I've this crazy idea of putting a Eldrazi in your GY, creating a pseudo Tamiyo-Emblem effect. :rolleyes:) Not sure about this card, but it fits one of my themes and it's a fun card.
- Far//Away
- Blood Scrivener (I don't own this card yet, so no experience with it yet)
- Pyrewild Shaman (I consider this card a recursive creature with the upside of being able to use it as bloodrush)
- Obzedat's Aid
- Ral Zarek (He has been a bit underwhelming, but most tend to compare PW's to other household PW's (Like Jace and Elspeth) in stead of other cards, making them seem less exciting. I think he's fine)
- Ruric Thar, the Unbowed (I seem to have a unnatural love for Gruul fatties, and Ruric Thar is no exception (does CML share this condition?;)) . I still also run Borborygmos Enraged. I just want to give the guy a chance after he crushed me 3 times in a row in a Winchester Draft. :D)
-Voice of Resurgence

Jason Waddell

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I like a lot of those cards, but many are simply below my power level or not what I am looking for. I am, however, looking forward to using Varolz in my Eldrazi-Domain cube project.


far/away is sweet, turn/burn is cool too. like outside its specific constructed context of 'stop the goddamn angel of serenity loops' it looks overcosted, but it's a really powerful card. attacking and blocking when they could have it is a nightmare, so i guess i just let myself get blown out, due to inevitability or intellectual laziness.

pyrewild shaman is a sweet design but i wish they'd pushed him a little further.

obzedat's aid is a really weak card in cube, being overcosted and gold and clunky and overshadowed by a dozen other cards like it.

i'm a big fan of ral zarek esp. given the lack of other decent izzet options (i suppose i could try turn and burn?)


I had Armed // Dangerous in my last draft. No one ended up in Red/Green and the Red/White midrange deck that took it kept it in the sideboard. I think it might be a good card. The red side really can put out quality damage if you have something they can't block. Something like bloodlust (which I swapped out for it) just be the better and more interesting card, though, even without the wacky late game mode.